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Strand of Shadowrealms (Strands of FATE 2e)

The Strand

The Pitch

PCs must stop certain gods from taking back control over the Earth!

Campaign Aspects

Stop Ragnarok!

Tech Level

4 (a.k.a. "Modern Day")

Character Power Level


Character Experience Level



Human, Cambion, Scion, Amazon


See the perks chapter.

New Perks

  • Aura GROUNDED You gain a power that you're eligible for. Activation cost of all powers is expend 1 stress box. This Power must have a Power Level equal to, or less than, your own.
  • Aura Enhancement HEROIC You may apply two Enhancements to Powers you know. You may apply them both to the same Power, or a single Enhancement to two different Powers. The Enhancements must have a Power Level equal to, or less than, your own.
  • Aura Mastery PARAGON You gain a new Power. This Power must have a Power Level equal to, or less than, your own.


Will be based on race.


Skill Modes pg-202, Aspect Scopes pg-204, Persistent Stress pg-207, Specialties pg-214, Achievements pg-216, Power from Experience "Rise of Heroes" pg-218

Character Creation

Yes these steps are out of sink with the steps in the book.

Step 1 Power & Experience

Character Power Level (CPL) is Heroic. Specify this on your sheet, it will go up as you level. Character Experience Level (CEL) is Adept, specify this on your sheet, it will go up as you level. Since we are using Skill Modes, this provides you with 0 extra skill points, but does give you 2 Grounded Perks and 1 Heroic Perk. Keep note of how many perks you get, you may get some from your race and/or skill modes.

Step 2 Race

Pick you race and note what you get from your race. Use your current character as a guide and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Step 3 Aspects

Fill in the Aspects the best you can. At the very least you should have the Defining and Disadvantage Aspects.

Step 4 Achievements

Achievements are not aspects. These are short term goals for your character and 1 of the 3 ways you will gain XP. It is a good idea to have at least 2 of the goals filled in at any one time. When you fill one in I will give it an XP value based on how long I think it will take you to achieve that goal, usually about 1XP per 2 sessions. These are suppose to be personal to your character, aka Personal Achievements. Each achievement line has a specified theme of an achievement. Next is a list of Strand Achievements that anyone can do. The last type of achievement are Secret Achievements, that I will reveal when someone accomplishes them.

Open Strand Achievements

Strand Achievements

Remember each character may only accomplish each of these only once. This is not exhaustive, more will be added as time goes on.

Smash?2xpn/aFight in an encounter, that was supposed to be a conversation
I'm SQUISHY!2xpn/aTalk through an encounter that was supposed to be a fight.
Under the Bus4xpn/aGet another PC into some deep shit.
Bluffy, the trust slayer3xpn/aBluff your way through an encounter

/*strand achievement block*/

Step 5 Skills

Below is a list of Skill Modes. Pick 3 different modes. Pick one mode to start at +3, each skill in that mode starts at +3. Check the other two modes to see if there are any redundant skills, if there are that skill gets +1 for each redundant skill. Erase the used redundant skills. Next pick a mode to start at +2, do the same for the redundant skills in the last mode. The remaining skills in the last mode start at +1. Finally, if you have any skill points, like from your race or from the special skill mode, one at a time apply skill points to any skills you want that are under +4. Each skill point applied raises the skill by +1. Notice the Special mode gives less skills, but grants extra perks and powers depending on if you ranked it +3,+2, or +1.

Skill Modes

ModeSkill #1Skill #2Skill #3Skill #4
SpecialAuraSkill Point (R<4)Perk
Extra Power

/*modes block*/

Step 6 Perks

You should have noted a number of perks and what power those perks can be from previous steps. Check page 94 in the book on the list of perks. Remember you may substitute a higher perk slot for a lower perk. Don't forget about the extra perks above and that I have added the Specialized perk on page 214.

Step 7 Powers

If you have any perks that grant powers or got powers from the Special skill mode, choose them now and apply any free enhancements. Now is the time to apply any limitations on those powers if you want more enhancements. Check your race for which powers you can pick from and remember you can't pick powers above your current power level.

Final Steps

On page 19 in the book, starting with the resources step complete your character.

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