Shattered Shadowrealms Magic (Fate Core Edition)

For now Shattered Shadowrealms will use the High Fantasy Magic on the Fate SRD with some changes.
  • No divine patron. With the others it doesn't matter what you call yourself, just pick Rapport or Lore as your casting skill
  • Only certain Races are available to use it. For PCs this means humans and half humans, with a few exceptions only being granted access to specific disciplines
  • No borrowing a discipline
  • No enchanting items
  • Alchemy potions MUST be used within a day or they just expire
  • No teleport discipline
  • All spells will use the "you get what you want at a serious cost, or you suffer some negative mechanical consequence" if you fail the roll (for activation purposes). So spells will always go off correctly(ish).
  • Due to magic being low powered (in comparison to like D&D) in Shattered Shadowrealms, every spell is rolled at at least against a +2 opposition. If something has "starting at..." then the +2 is added to it.
  • On a Fail you will either receive either 2 shifts in damage or GM gets a free compel towards you. On a Tie You will receive 1 shift of damage. On a succeed with style you receive a free invoke on whatever magic related aspect you have.



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