This is the sub species of Cambion and possibly the most common, due to the nature of succubi and incubi.

Racial Extras

Extra Aspect Aura of Sexuality
Half-Human Magic
You may learn any discipline of magic.  

Example Racial Stunts

Cambion Mastery
You may refuse a compel of Aura of Sexuality without it costing you a fate point.

Cambion (SoF2e)


A Specialty Aspect for free and ignore the prerequisite. (pg99)

Half Human: Choose one

  • Bonus Perk - All Humans begin play with one additional Grounded Perk.

  • Bonus Skill - All Humans begin play with one additional rank in a Skill rated 3 or lower.

  • Gain access to one of the human powers, once.


Available Powers

  • Affliction

  • Awe

  • Body Weaponry

  • Invisibility

  • Imbue Creature


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