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Element souls

Element souls are small orbs of magic energy about 2 inches in diameter. Each type looks different and about 50 different kinds exist. Finding one is a near impossible task, but catching one is even harder. Most are extremely hostile by nature and without the proper spells and approach you're more likely to be attacked than to catch it. On top of that they can't be transferred to a new owner so anyone who owns a soul had to obtain it themselves.   The combination of their rarity, beauty, the prestige of being able to catch one, and their ability to defend their own make them highly sought after by those with the knowledge to do so.

Basic Information


All element souls appear about 2 inches in diameter and are roughly spherical.

Genetics and Reproduction

Element souls are rare because they don't reproduce. They are magic constructs that are difficult to make and extremely rare in the wild.

Growth Rate & Stages

The only form of 'growth' souls go through is that in the right conditions if multiple of the same kind are in close proximity they will merge into a single larger soul known as an Empowered Soul that is far more powerful and far more dangerous.

Ecology and Habitats

Each type of soul is found in places associated with its element, so ice souls are in the north, poison souls are in the jungles and swamps, water souls are around lakes and on the coast. However they don't need specific conditions to survive so once formed they can go anywhere, you can even find fire souls underwater. How souls form in nature is unknown but it appears to be an instantaneous event. As soon as the proper conditions are met one pops into existence.

Dietary Needs and Habits

None. Once formed Souls exist until destroyed or their magic is drained.

Biological Cycle

They do not go through any cycles.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Element souls lack any features but seems to sense their surroundings perfectly. Many are simply to slow to respond to things that come near or lack the higher functions to respond. They can see and hear anything around them, though the extent and ability to do so varies greatly between the different varieties of soul.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Magicae orbis
Conservation Status

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