Year 568, era of the Movement

The Stars used to visit us quite often. They found us entretaining, little creatures capable of so many things. But greed and curiosity is also something that fills us, and after we killed one star, their visits are almost inexistent.

Stars are not similar to The Creator, they are enormous creatures with dark bodies that hold speckles of light of different colours. They seem to be able to regule the intensity of their speckles' light and are highly intelligent, being able to understand other creatures and The Giants. They are the furthest thing in Shattered, existing further away than the Corpses.

They used to visit quite often the islands and The Giants, until the curiosity of the People of Meeraz grew too much and they killed a star, Nera. Since then, stars do not visit

A snake-like creature with two arms, its body made of darkness, with dots of colorful lights in it
One kind of star by Catoblepon


Things with incorporeal bodies of light and darkness, the antithesis of The Giants.
Khali Anstar

Their bodies are, in truth, corporeal and made of a dark slimy translucid material that cannot be distinguished from the void of space from afar. One could drown on the bodies while still touch them. Their dark bodies are accented with speckles of different coloured light, dancing across their skin, in a heartbeat rhythm.

One of the coloured light draw organ-like features in their skin. This colour will only show with this features in their bodies (each star might have a different colour for it, maybe one has golden for these features but another one has blue).

They have a voice, but The Creator tends to speak over it, making their voice not heard. But when The Creator gives night and is asleep, one can hear the stars when they are nearby, a soft humm that resonates on one's bones, a comforting sound that fills the living creatures with happiness and makes them calm.

A snake-like creature that has a fin following all their back. Their body is made of darkness with spots of different coloured light
Another kind of star by Catoblepon

Their story

Friends we betrayed...
Khali Anstar

In a start, there were not stars. They appeared 1388 years ago, after 615 years with no light source other than The Creator, it was a lonely era.

After appearing and for 260 years, the stars visited the Shattered from time to time, curious about what was around.

All changed 1128 years ago, when some of the People decided they wanted to see what happens when you kill a star. They can be wounded, their bleeding is like their speckles start dropping light. And they can be killed. It was also learnt that killing a star makes The Creator angry.

Since then, stars are wary of approaching the Shattered. Scare that they will be hurt again, that they will lose another sibiling to these little creatures capable of so many things.

A fish-like creature made of darkness whom body has freckles of different coloured light
Nera the star by Catoblepon


Little was know about how they were, what they did; and most of that knowledge was lost in time and hate. Tales are what is left, and they are not always reliable, specially when there are different versions of the same tales in different islands.

Tales speak of them always being alone when visiting, watching around for a bit and then leaving again. Most say they never eat, some mention that with each visit, an island would go missing; a couple say that they are the cause of death of the Corpses.

Some tales or myths praise them as gods, some hate them as devils. The only thing that can be confirmed is that they are in some way linked to The Creator, it would have been too much of a coincidence for The Creator to close down for so long at the same time as Nera the star died.

In truth, no one can confirm anything, its been too long since their last visit.

Beyond the corpses

The Stars are the only thing known to exist at the other side of the death zone where the Corpses drift.

It is unknown if they are the cause of the Corpses, if they know what happened, or if they are as clueless as the People in the Shattered.

They seem to be immune to whatever happened (or still happens), and there are records of them sundering the Corpses and Shattered.

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