Year 568, era of the Movement

The Fallen Star

They enjoyed the creatures of the islands, more than the people, and creatures enjoyed them. Whenever they came by, animals had an irresistible need to go say hi, and Nera would say hi back to them.

Nera was one of the stars that used to visit the Shattered, they were a young star (or so it was believed for its small size compared to other visitors) and had a strong love for Fauna.

It was their almost inexistent relationship with People and their small size that made them a (believed) perfect target to kill, and so, a group of people killed them 1128 years ago, causing the start of the era of Darkness.

The cold act of killing Nera is still remembered nowadays, as it brought great pain to all living creatures of the Shattered. A tale about how curiousity must have its limits, a tale about how The Creator is benevolent until you are greedy and evil.

A fish-like creature made of darkness whom body has freckles of different coloured light
Nera the star by Catoblepon


Nera was a fish-like star with two lateral fins, a dorsal fin, and one wide caudal fin, their main colour was green. Their movement around space was a delicated dance. Their body was smaller than other stars that were seen

When they died, their body dissolved into nothingness; their speckles of light, dust that The Creator absorbed. Their last song, turned into an agonizing scream that stayed in the People and Fauna's mind until they died. Their memory a memory of the darkness that preceded of their dead.

Their death

One thing that dominate the People is curiosity. For some it is good, for some its a poison. For Nera, the People's curiosity ended up being their death 1128 years ago.

Nera was visiting their favourite animals, close to the Meeraz island, as they used to do once a year. It was during their visit and distraction with animals when the People's of Meeraz attacked. They had been preparing for over a year, and did not care how many they could lose if they were able to see what happens with a dead star.

Nera's death was a curse in the end. The People got nothing from their body as it disappeared or was absorbed by The Creator, and it was The Creator who would curse them. For 90 years, the era of Darkness lasted, a time where The Creator was only in their "Dark" state, with very rarely the "Rain" state with lower light than normal.

A pink silhouette of a floating island named Meeraz
Meeraz's silhouette by Catoblepon

Cover image: Nera cover by Catoblepon


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