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Kian Stone

Kian Stone (He/Him)

Resident folklorist of Red Rim Station, Kian Stone loves collecting tales and legends. He's spent decades building up one of the lands largest collections of knowledge, by now so famous that many Freelanders drop by whenever they have questions. Fortunately, Kian loves sharing his knowledge as much as he loves collecting it.   His pagan powers, unlocked through his studies of ancient rituals, allows him to wield primal magic, primarily in the form of healing and plant manipulation, both things he gladly use to help his hometown. He's not much of a fighter, but if pressed, will use his powers to delay and hinder the enemy before going on the offensive.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kian gets plenty of excersise thanks to his wanderings and hauling heavy books, though no one would call him a strongman.

Special abilities

Kian has an exceptional talen for retaining information, even if he isn't always good at putting said information into practise.

Apparel & Accessories

Kian is usually dressed in leather pants and boots, while wrapped in a trenchcoat he comission as a gift for himself on his thirtieth birthday.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kian Stone was born in the year 20 ATF, born to first generation immigrants to Freeland. As a kid, he loved listening to stories, sitting enraptured as he soaked up myths and tales from the many people that lived in Freeland.   In the year 33 ATF, he got his first book, an old compendium of minotaur myths. This was the beginning of his collection.   In 37 ATF, he'd begin collecting tales of his own, writing how own folklore compendiums. He began travelling Freeland, visiting various settlements and collecting the stories he'd be told.   In 39 ATF he organised the construction of an archive in Red Rim Station to support his research.   In 42 ATF, Kian's studies of folklore paid off unexpectantly, allowing him to unlock his own talent for paganism.

Gender Identity

Kian is cisgendered and identifies as male


Gynesexual. Kian is attracted to what he perceives as femininity, regardless of the person's actual gender.


Kian has no formal education, but was encouraged to learn by his parents. He's since read up on a number of tpics, though folklore and customs remain his favourite subject.


Self-employed as folklorist and archivist of Red Rim Station.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Unlocking his talent for paganism in 42 ATF was a major one for him.

Failures & Embarrassments

In 37 ATF, Kian happened to buy a strange catalogue from a travelling merchant, believing it to be a detailed account of a far away civilization. He actually managed to write down a fairly lengthy amount of documentation on the beliefs and traditions of the depicted civilizations before someone explained to him that it was an info book about a popular pre-Fall series of books for children.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kian has a gifted mind for information and a decent memory, augmented by his magic., He's also observant and methodical, which helps keepping his massive collection organized.

Morality & Philosophy

Kian strongly believes in traditions and rituals as pillars of society. They are fundamental ways to keep people together and preserving them is a worthy effort. Though he will admit that there are some traditions and rituals that are best supplanted by new ones.


While criticism is sometimes warranted, mockery of tradition and legens can sour his mood quickly. The destruction of culturally significant items, unless done for a very good reason, is a sure way to raise his ire.

Personality Characteristics


Kian is motivated by a desire to discover and preserve folklore and tales for future geenrations. He's saddened by the massive loss of information caused by the Age of War and the subsequent Fall. He's hoping to help undo some of that damage.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kian is linguistically gifted and knowledgable on a wide array of subjects.   Like many Freelanders, Kian couldn't tell a lie to save his life. While at good health, he's not used to hardy rigours.

Likes & Dislikes

Kian loves reading and can spend hours, especially with a new book. He loves tales and often join community gatherings to hear stories and legends.   He's never been fond of the taste of fish. He's also very fussy about his collection and has little tolerance for people draging dirt and muck into his sanctuary.

Virtues & Personality perks

He's knowledgable on many subjects and always curious to learn more. He's very open minded and accepting of others. He'¨s devoted to his hometown and the people therein, without developing a distaste for strangers.

Vices & Personality flaws

Kian can be somewhat passive, sometimes seemingly morei nterested in documenting reality than participating in it. He can also at times be too accepting, having a sometimes hard time realising that a given traidition or ritual is problematic.


Kian has learn to keep himself and his clothes clean, to prevent damage to his books.


Contacts & Relations

Zuunia: The goblin was a bizzare addition to Freeland, but that has never stopped Kian, who upon hearing of him immediately set out to interview him on goblin culture. They've developed quite the rapport and share a love of knowledge and discovery.

Social Aptitude

Kian has a warm and friendly personality, which combined with his inquisitiveness helps others feel comfortable about opening up.

Wealth & Financial state

Kian's collection of books represent actually a quite decent amount of wealth, though to Kian, the true riches is the knowledge they contain.
Current Status
Living at Red Rim Station
Year of Birth
20 ATF 41 Years old
Red Rim Station
Current Residence
Red Rim Station
Curly, brown, neck-length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned skin
1.78 meters
105 kilo
Known Languages
Tong: Taught by his parents.

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