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1275 R.E.

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A shattered world, torn apart from a time long before recorded history. A land of conflict, potential, and adventure. From the Sky Islands that lie beyond the clouds above. To deep within the earth, as the labyrinth-like Underdark consumes unsuspecting adventurers who wander too far.   Magic resides in the very air, and exists as Aether. With it, people can create wonderous creations or unleash utter destruction. Here in this world, monsters frequent in the surrounding wilderness, and even more so as night draws nearer. Gods seek more power and to extend their influence. And few people of this shattered world rise through history as heroes, and live long after as legends.   In the world of shards, Shatar awaits for any who dare to conquer it.

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The Legacy of Kuzdel

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

Secrets and treasures lie in unsuspecting places. Can the party uncover the secrets of a long forgotten city to stop a evil mage?

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