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Shards of Balance

Generation of Gods

Created by

A creative world created by Aguion, which will maybe become a story/comic one day.   All beings in this universe are anthropomorphic animals of both the real world, and mytholigical, and are influenced by both harmony and chaos. If their ballance is broken, they'll receive both powerful abilities and enourmous weaknesses.   If they are aligned to Chaos, they'll be able to rewrite reality by controlly everything related to a word they are assigned to, with the more stretchy connection being harder to manipulate, but they lose their connection to the world and their natural abilities, such as flight in the case of bird characters.   If they are aligned to Harmony, all of their normal abilities will increase tenfold, and they'll have a deeper connection to the world to the point where they'll have some magical capabilities (though not nearly as strong as the Chaos-aligned). However, they'll be very suceptible to mind-control and such, as their minds will push them to act in harmony to others at all times.

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