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The Battle of Kal Fields

The Battle of Kal Fields is where the Imperial forces of the Lydium Empire drew the Reddite horde into a battle and where the Reddite leader finally met his end.

The Conflict


The Imperial forces had been steadily pushing the Reddite horde back to the lands where they had come from 4 years previously. The initial attacks were brutal and swift. They attacked the Southern Marche Lands first. As the Reddite Horde burned their way towards the capital. Small garrison forces were quickly overwhelmed, as the Horde's numbers were the deciding factor in any conflict. It wasn't until the Horde reached the ridgeline overlooking the capital that the Empire could mount an effective response.   This response saw Imperial forces called from the far reaches of the empire to stand on the field outside the capital gates. Forces joined them from the Talean empire, Husvale Confedaracy and Friesland. A further force joined the fight. The Rangers of Khora came out to help defend the empire from the horde. These Rangers would prove invaluable in the battles to come and their leader, General Rondar, would become pivotal in the final battle at Kal Fields.


The forces lined up along the tree lines and low ridges just north of the self proclaimed Reddite capital of Kal, in an area known as the Kal Fields. The Empire, though vastly outnumbered, had the advantage in well armoured Heavy horse and better trained and better equipped soldiers than the Horde that faced them across the fields.   The Rangers had noticed that the enemy left flank was being screened by a single division of marauders, low-quality troops, and 2 smaller concentrations of untrained and poorly equipped militia closer to the city. The main bulk of the Reddites was arranged up along the treeline and directly facing the Imperial forces.   Emperor Kristianos had been in discussions with General Rondar and had tasked his rangers with infiltrating this gap and pushing towards the Reddite camp, which was effectively in the open because of the overconfidence of the Reddite leader. The battle plan agreed. General Rondar left to instruct his captains to prepare for the battle to come.  
The Emperor watched General Rondar leave the camp and head towards his own troops, then turned to Duke Anara, his chief strategist. "Will this work?"   "It is risky, my Lord, but there are no other General's or troops that can even come close to pulling this off. Have faith in him. He has not let you down in the past."
— Dalan Frisk (Imperial Chronicler)
  The following morning, the main bulk of the Imperial forces attacked the Horde's right flank.


The battlefield is a series of fields to the North of the city of Kal. The field itself is unremarkable and is mostly flat land dotted with trees in the centre. A small stream runs east to west along the centre of the battlefield but was not deep enough to slow down any charging horses. To the north there is a forest with a long, thick treeline that obscured most of the Imperial forces. To the south, the treeline at the edges of the open grassland where the Horde were was much more scattered and gave little cover or protection from detection and arrows.   On the western edge of the field, where the stream turned slightly northwards, the treeline extended to the stream itself. It was here that the Rangers crossed, undetected, between the Marauders screening the edge of the battlefield and the militia outside the city. The City itself was easy to approach and had no obvious tower defences. The city wall was in a state of disrepair and there were breaches all along the Eastern wall that would allow any invading force easy access to the city itself.


The conditions for battle were not ideal. It had rained the night before and the grass fields were boggy underfoot. The Horde had very little shelter and had spent the previous day huddled around campfires and under sheets, trying to find a reprieve from the rain, whereas the Imperial forces had tents and other forms of shelter where they could remain dry.   As the battle began, the rain had stopped, leaving the ground slippery underfoot but not impassable. The Imperial forces could advance relatively unhindered by the conditions.

The Engagement

As the Imperial troops slammed into the Horde's forces, the Rangers slipped across the stream and towards the Reddite camp. The main battle was raging, with the Imperial forces pushing the horde back off of their defensive position during the morning. As they took away more Horde troops from the left flank to reinforce the centre and the right, the rangers found their way easier to navigate.   Eventually, coming across the first of the two militia groups, General Rondar saw he would have to attack, as there was no clear way around the group. Giving the order to attack, the rangers rose as one out of the long grass. The first volley of arrows took down many of the Militia instantly, then the rangers charged. Militia ran wildly, unable to hold the ferocious onslaught by these trained and fearsome warriors. Within a matter of minutes, the fight was over and every militiaman on this guard lay dead. The Rangers had sustained minor casualties, considering the militia outnumbered them.   The lull in the fight didn't last long as the second group of militia, hearing the noise of the battle, had moved towards the rangers. Quickly they reformed and charged the second militia group, making very short work of this group as well. Once the militia groups were dealt with, and with the sound of battle off in the distance as the Imperial forces continued to press the Horde, the rangers made for the camp.   As they had got behind the main Horde force, entry to the camp was easy. Quickly Rondar found the Reddite leader's tent and incredibly, he was still in the tent with two of his Generals. They executed all three men and then horses commandeered as General Rondar stuck the Horde Leader's head on a pike and rode down the battle lines displaying it. This tactic worked, and the Horde fled the field.   The Imperial force entered the city shortly after and found the remnants of the Reddite leadership, who surrendered what little forces they had left after the bulk had fled the field.   The battle had lasted a whole day and part way into the night and had inflicted horrific casualties on both sides. However, the capture and subsequent execution of the Horde's leader had taken all the fight out of the Horde army.   General Rondar and his Rangers had destroyed the Horde as a cohesive fighting force forever with one courageous act.


In the months after the battle, Emperor Kristianos conferred many honours onto the forces of the respective kingdoms that had come to the Empire's aid. The Reddite's were restricted to the lands south of the Marche lands and were told any raiding or crossing into Imperial lands will bring swift retribution.   The Emperor also offerd control of the Marche lands to the Rangers. In return for becoming a Protectorate state, the Emperor funded the formation of the Ranger forts and the Ranch training facility so more Rangers could be trained in order to protect the entire lands North of the Marche.

Historical Significance

In Literature

The battle is recorded in the Great Reddite War chronicle which is available in the Imperial Library in the capital and also in the archives at the Ranch in the Marche lands.
Battle of Kal Fields showing the Ranger advance that led to the capture and death of the Reddite Leader.  
Battlefield Type


Lydium Empire
Reddite Horde


8000 Infantry
1500 Horse
300 Rangers
20,000 Infantry
3000 Horse
Militia force of 1000.


Infantry killed 2338
Infantry wounded 3200
Horse soldiers killed 323
Horse soldiers wounded 530
Rangers killed 83
Rangers wounded 115
Infantry killed 6,500
Infantry wounded 8,000
Horse soldiers killed 900
Horse soldiers wounded 1,400
Militia killed 1000


The Imperial objective was to crush the Reddite horde once and for all to end the war.
The Reddite objective was to destroy the Imperial force

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