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Shard Syndrome

Shard Syndrome is a condition that affects those who choose to live in The Shard's shadow. Constant exposure to the shard vibrations causes the skin to mutate and change colour. The person's skin dries out and they take on a hollow and gaunt look. Physically, the person is not unwell and actually gains physical strength at the expense of cognitive abilities. Certain Shard dwellers seem to be enhanced cognitively, and these people are the ones that end up leading the colonies.


After the Great Fall, people flocked to the Shards to worship them. Some stayed, and it was from these people who set up camps at The Shard pieces that the Shard Dwellers were born. Over the years, they have formed their own societies. They live in peace, however; they worship and protect the Shard Pieces, often with their lives. The Great Shard is the only place where a Shard Dweller community lives alongside the human community.   Shard Dwellers have stayed out of the conflicts of the Empire, opting to remain close to the shards and far away from any violence. The High Priests of the Shard Dweller communities work with the Crystal Witches in a mutually beneficial way, as both parties are trying to understand the Shards. The communities have been around the Shards since the Great Fall when the Shards first plummeted to the ground.

Cultural Reception

Those that live in The Shard's shadow are perceived by others as mutated. There is a feeling that their proximity to the shards has afflicted the Shard dwellers. People who come across them view them with distrust and look away from them as they feel they resemble someone who has died and been brought back to life.  

Shard Dwellers

  As seen from the illustrations, the males and females closely resemble each other. In fact, it is very difficult to tell them apart at a distance and a much closer inspection is usually required to find out their gender.

Shard Priest

Lurching towards us, the male and female, of whom we later found out to be Shard Dwellers, greeted us reasonably warmly. Escorting us to the central hut, they introduced us to their High Priest who seemed much more lucid and aware than the people he watched over. They gave us permission to stay in a camp near The Shard for as long as we wished. The only agreement was that if summoned, we would attend to the High Priest to update him about our research
— Janniel Gostamal

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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