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Great Forest Wolf

The Great Forest Wolf in the North is a friend to many and an enemy to most. People believe the Wolves are the incarnation of evil and their only purpose is to kill. The people of Northern Friesland have a very different view of the Great Forest Wolf. They see the Wolf as protector of the land and there are many North Frieslander's who feel connected to the Wolves on a spiritual and metal level. Friesland Wolf Rangers have used the Wolves in combat and their prowess in battle is legendary.  
'I don't like the look of her. She wants to eat me.' Jenny shuffled a little further away from the massive White Wolf that lay at Kyla's feet.   'No, she doesn't. She doesn't eat people'. Kyla smiled. 'Besides, if she ate you, who would help me read this Reddite script?'   'That's not even remotely funny'. Jenny screwed her face up at her friend as she tried, unsuccessfully, to admonish her for her poor sense of humour.   'What would happen, do you think, if I got up and licked her foot?'. The voice floated into Kyla's head like music, soft and lilting, making her smile. She ruffled Ghost's fur on her giant head and said out loud. 'You are wicked, you know that.'   Jenny looked at her friend. 'Why am I wicked?'   Kyla just smiled.
— A conversation between Ranger Kyla and Crystal Witch Jenny during the Reddite Incursion

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The Great Forest Wolf is three times the size of a standard Wolf found in other places across the world. Their size and distinctive markings characterise them. In every case, the wolves are all one colour or two-tone with a dark upper and lighter lower markings.

Ecology and Habitats

We usually find the Northern Great Forest Wolf in the Forests and Mountains of Northlands and Northern Friesland.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Highly social and pack mentality. They operate well individually but their real strength is in their ability to operate as a pack, whether it be hunting or scouting, these animals, in their pack, are the most formidable predators in the North.


The best way of describing the Great Forest Wolf is not as being able to be domesticated but rather they can be socialised to the presence of Humans. They are fiercely loyal to their Human 'owner' and once bonded, never leave their Human's side.

Facial characteristics

The Great Forest Wolf has piercing eyes that seem to look deep into your soul, a long muzzle and an overall inquisitive look.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Great Forest Wolves are only found in the Forests and Mountains of The Northlands region and Northern Friesland.

Average Intelligence

Highly Intelligent

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Forest Wolf seems to be attuned to The Shard. The Wolves can communicate telepathically with certain peoples of the world. In every case, bar one, the people who have Forest Wolf companions are the North Friedlander's. The one exception is the hybrid Kyla.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

The Wolves have a symbiotic relationship with certain humans. They seem to be able to understand what the human needs, wants and commands. The wolves are generally thought to communicate with their humans telepathically and when the wolf is with their human, they become an incredibly dangerous and effective force.
Scientific Name
Canis Lupis
120 Years
Average Height
1.6 Metres
Average Weight
90 kg
Average Length
3.5 Metres from tip of the nose to end of the tail.
Average Physique
Strong muscular frame that is capable of being ridden by a person.  

Great Forest Wolf

Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Either all white or all black. There are two-tone coloured Wolves and they are always darker along the top of the body with a lighter colouring on the flanks and underside.   Some Wolves are susceptible to the Red and Blue Shard magic and can become enhanced after contact with a Shard crystal. The unique patterns that form in their coat make them easily recognised as imbued Wolves.  

The image is of Ghost. A Crystal Imbued Albino Great Forest Wolf. This wolf is the bonded companion of the Ranger Kyla Valan.

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I also like wolves, but more to the point, the Irish Wolf Hound. I've always wanted one. And one of these days, when I move out of my tiny apartment, it's happy doggie time! Bark bark!

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Wolves are misunderstood and villainized in every world, it seems. This is a cool way to incorporate them into a world or story. I would love more detail in the Imbued Wolves, they seem like a really neat spin on a traditional wolf. I hope you enjoyed Summer Camp!

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I did enjoy Summer Camp, thank you. I will be updating a much larger article with more information on the Wolves hopefully in the next few weeks. :)

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