The Rollicking Wyvern

The Rollicking Wyvern is a small public house in Alham, near the soldiers' bathhouse and other supporting operations. Its location attracts a large number of soldiers but it also draws a considerable clientele from the nearby markets, and these two populations generally mix well within the Wyvern.   Fewer mages, grey or of the Circle, are drawn to the Wyvern. While generally the soldiers of Alham appreciate the mages' contributions to the overall military defense, there is still a friendly or sometimes less-friendly rivalry, and the units will work well enough together in the field but separate into their own neighborhoods and leisure spots when they return.  

Food and Drink

The Wyvern caters primarily to soldiers and to laborers in the markets, not the higher class of merchants. The offered fare reflects that, with practical, affordable options rather than food to impress a potential client or business partner. A diner will find familiar meats such as lamb and mutton, goat, pork, or a variety of poultries. Vegetables are brought in regularly from the surrounding communities on the plain and fish from the harbor a casual walk from the door.   Drink is essential in serving soldiers and mages working long months or years away from home, and again, the Wyvern focuses on affordable options that fit the need rather than fancy imports or expensive blends. Ales, beers, meads, and wines can be purchased readily at prices friendly to social gathering and lingering.  

Moment of Interest

On one occasion, Commander Shianan Becknam invited three Mages of the Circle to dine at the Wyvern, which he knew by its location but not well by personal experience. After they had ordered, they learned that the music that night would be catering to a particular class of humor exploiting the differences between soldiers and mages.   Following is an early draft of a deleted scene, about the time of Crown & Creed. It begins with the song in progress. Note PG-level content.  

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This tavern serves food and drink, but it does not offer private rooms for close conversation or any rooms with beds.   It is not particularly frequented by any of our most-closely followed persons of interest, and so we do not know the hosts or servitors by name or sight.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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14 Mar, 2022 13:16

Like the idea of the tavern catering more the blue collar cliental. Gives a better idea of the typical crowd than "It's where everyone goes for a drink."   Part of me really wants to hear more about that night with Becknam and the 3 Mages.   All in all, great article!   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to check out my Tavern Challenge article if you want to see what I am up to! The Black Hare Tavern

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Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I decided it really is a bit of a jerk move to have limited content during the challenge (even though I'm not angling for competition), so I've opened up the deleted scene to non-patrons during this month.

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This tavern is quite intresting and how it does not provide rooms or rooms with beds!, Overall this article is good and i do like how you explain why we do not know really about the staff that works here!, Overall a good article

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18 Mar, 2022 20:16

I really enjoy having the short story as one of the last things to read in the article - Many people begin with that not realising how daunting it can be to read a whole story only to get to the details of a tavern! I really enjoy the pictures you have chosen and taking in small little details, like the bath-houses neighboring the tavern! A definite like from me!

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