The Claire Ledger

In the shared library of The Wheel there are many books on history and magic. You might note one of them is chained to its lectern because of its age and cultural import. This is known as the Claire Ledger.   The copy of the Claire Ledger in the Wheel's library is approximately seven centuries old. It is not a religious text in the common sense—it has nothing to do with the scriptures kept in the temples of the Holy One—but it is one of the best preserved examples of early magical development, and in an era where many considered magic to be nearer a matter for faith than for scientific study.   Research into magic has progressed greatly in the centuries since the binding of the Wheel's copy of the Claire Ledger, so the text is rarely referenced for practical use, but it still holds a place of honor due to its history. Also, as with any ancient text, there are often new or fresh insights to be gained with review.   (Any confusion with the Claire Bible, another famous magical text, is unfortunate. Because the library at the Wheel is open to most, even non-mages, The Great Circle traditionally assigns a low-ranking apprentice to watch in the library and turn away those who seem to be disinterested in study and have come only to handle the valuable book in the mistaken or facetious belief that it is the Claire Bible. While this duty is typically regarded as low-status and dull, there is one report of a cloaked youth with grey skin who insisted upon entry and who, after discovering the book was not the one he sought, kicked a notch out of the stone wall in frustration before departing. The fracture from the supposed kick is eagerly displayed by apprentices to visitors.)  

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Manuscript, Magical (Tome/Scroll)


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