Local Idioms

Share some common idioms and phrases from a culture in your world.   In Chrenada , a common oath is "king's oats," occasionally modified with any of several adjectives (sweet or runny) or shortened to 'soats. It is considered a crude phrase but may be heard at any level of society, though its use will be modified by company.   The Ryuven may be heard to swear by the Essence or by flames. Scholarship of Ryuven culture has not advanced to a useful understanding of these references.   Lower classes in The Wakari Coast are often heard to use "pike!" as a short expletive. This expression has a curious and disputed etymology, and linguists at the lesser parties might, two or three bottles in, begin to argue whether the original reference was to the predatory fish or the polearm. What is certain is that its use is centuries old, descending from the disenfranchised fishermen who fled the wars in Damas and Tyrg to form the disorganized pirate fleets which were eventually unified by Bloody-Neck Jacko for the founding of what would become the kingdom of the Wakari Coast.   "Skinny as a mage" is an idiom used in Chrenada to criticize underweight livestock or a woman who is not shaped to please the speaker. This comes from the fact that magic users suffer physical effects with their practice, including weight loss and inability to menstruate or maintain adequate seed for reproduction. See also the entry on Human¬†and magic.


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