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Square Hands

Making the shape of a square or rectangle with your hands. Thumb and index finger from each hand connected to make a square or rectangle and usually made near the persons face and outward to the one they are trying to insult. This is offensive because the Hemorsee value nature above all else and signaling a square or rectangle is to signal a form of technology. Nature has no straight lines after all.   The Hemorsee culture sees technology as a curse to life itself and to embrace it is blasphemy. This is usually seen done from the older generation to the younger generation but of course there are exceptions. When seen from a young Hemorsee to another young Hemorsee one can see the divide amongst the population. On the other hand just seeing it in general and the fact that technology has slowly seen it make its way into Hemorsee culture is a sign of how much has changed in such a short amount of time. This is due to the fact that Hemorsee live a very long time. While there is still a high respect given from young to old, in the case of technology there most certainly is a divide. There are other such gestures that signify the same thing but the "Square Hands" is definitely the most understood. Technology in the form of a crash landed ship happened in the past half generation so it is considerably new to older Hemorsee inhabitants. The younger generation is surely more used to its uses and has been at the forefront of its incorporation into society. This mostly has to do with trying to establish communication with possible other life forms on planets other then their own. Trying to communicate with outside civilizations is all but forbidden but the younger generation sees the crash landing of an extraplanetary ship as a sign that things must soon change. Although technology and outside communication is looked down upon even some of the older generation have turned around because they understand the significance of another life form finding out the existence of their planet. While so many still want to continue to remain out of the affairs of other species and conflicts there is a small group of Hemorsee that see this as a sign of a potential future invasion of sorts. Many believe that this may have to do with the "Eternal Wizard" who left a few generations back. A Hemorsee who got power hungry with the life energy of this planet and went to venture off-world. This was considered suicide by almost everyone but now no one can be sure.

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