WorldEmber 2020 Plan for Success

The Writing Space

Here's the map of my desk in all its clean glory, which will probably last 10 minutes after being mercilessly covered by dust again.  
Darquill's Desk
  As for the objects and rituals, I guess that I don't have much to setup the writing scene.. because I very rarely write. I'll see what works best with this World Ember.  

The Writing Speed

I'm not really used to write, and I'm learning as I go, so I expect I'll be fairly slow in terms of words per minute. I hope to be able to compensate for this by dedicating a bit more time than usual to writing, maybe staggering the sprints over different times of the day to avoid burning out.  
  • First 30 minutes sprint: 351 words
  • Second 30 minutes sprint: 254 words
  I didn't get to do the third sprint, so with these two sprints I get an average of 302 words every 30 minutes. I know it's low and many people are able to write much faster, but it is where I am at now, so it doesn't really matter :)  

The Writing Schedule

Writing ~300 words per 30 minutes, I'll need 33 days to get to 10k if I write every day for 30 minutes only. My aim is to write for 30m to 2hrs depending on the days. I'll try to get at least 5 days a week. Hopefully I'll catch up in the longer sprints!  

The Writing Support


Discord Servers

  • Caeora
  • The Happy Sun Lodge
  • The Golden Pinecone, AP's cozy digital place where she shares her works
  I also created my own server called The Hedgehog Burrow, which you can join by clicking the link. My plan is to use it as a place to discuss my world, and to help people with CSS and Javascript. Feel free to join!

I tend to let things go in chaos for a couple of months, then have a sudden cleaning and tidying up urge which will result in a nice and tidy desk like this. Then chaos takes over again!
— darquill

Cover image: Dark Hills by Nele Diel


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