Valiset is a small logging hamlet in the Faerwyn province. Settled on the banks of the river Iset, on the road between Ke'Lehn and Egret, the nearby forest is the reason why Valiset was founded some three hundred years ago by a group of wood cutters.


The hamlet is led by Her Royal Majesty's Town Burgmaster Hector Mundi.


There are no official guards or any walls, and usually the defense of the hamlet is left to the villagers themselves, lead by the only person with some martial experience, Tomjack the mason.


The sawmill is the oldest and most important building in Valiset, as it's used to cut the logs into planks before they are either sold to other towns or used by the local carpenter.
Founding Date
713 AB
260 (68% Humans, 10% Dwarves, 5% Halflings, 17% Others)
Owning Organization

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