The Seven Shiars

The Shiars are the seven deities of Shandar.  

Shiar of Magic

Mask of Magic: The Resplendent Mother (dead)

Shiar of Existence

Mask of Life: The Compassionate Healer
Mask of Undeath: The Sleepless
Mask of Death: The Grim Reaper

Shiar of Creation

Mask of Abundance: The Merchant
Mask of Craft: The Artisan
Mask of Greed: The Red Dragon

Shiar of Light

Mask of Light: The Shining Brother
Mask of Shadows: The Trickster
Mask of Night: The Shrouded Sister

Shiar of Growth

Mask of Harvest: The Farmer
Mask of Nature: The Ivy Beast
Mask of Disease: The Pestilent One

Shiar of Order

Mask of Justice: The High Judge
Mask of Law:
Mask of Tyranny: The Tyrant

Shiar of Balance

Mask of Peace:
Mask of Balance:
Mask of War: The Warlord

Cover image: Dark Hills by Nele Diel


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