The Mind Scrolls

The Mind Scrolls are three very powerful artifacts created by the Lumarks of Shandar-Hra. To the non arcane trained eyes they look like three massive glowing scrolls of parchment that endlessly unroll from three golden rods hung upon the inner chamber's walls of the Shandar-Hra tower. People trained in arcane knowledge however can see that a very powerful magical aura emanates from the scrolls. Tiny arcane markings are etched in a flowing script that fills the entirety of the scrolls width. The text is indecipherable to everyone, even the most powerful magic users of Shandar, but if anybody touches them their minds are filled with arcane power and are allowed to peruse their contents like if they were asking questions to a living person.   The scrolls contain historical records of everything that happened on Shandar spanning from era changing events like the Thousand Years War, to minute details of the everyday life of anonymous beggars. Everything is recorded with unerring precision by the all seeing Lumarks, and the vast knowledge of the world is at anyone's disposal, provided an adequate offering is made. The more detailed and obscure the requested piece of information is, the highest the price is. Furthermore events that are completely unrelated to the person requesting them have a higher cost than something very close to them.  

The Cost of Knowledge

This power of knowledge can be incredibly useful, however the scrolls are rarely used, as the price to pay to access their records is binding a part of one's soul to the everlasting scrolls.   Each time a scroll is read, a voice in the head of the reader utters the question:  
You seek knowledge,
of the cloudy past.
Knowledge is power,
but power won't last.
Think about your demand,
is it worth the ultimate cost?
Think, before accepting the bargain,
before part of your soul is lost.
  It goes without saying that the price for knowledge is steep. Losing a part of one's soul means in practical terms getting closer to death, as the person definitely feels a sense of deep loss within, but also that the soul is bound to the scrolls. Nobody knows for certain what it means, but speculations range from eternal servitude to the Lumarks, to becoming an undead instead of dying. What it is known is that when someone asks for a too detailed piece of information, or extremely unrelated to themselves, they simply do not come back from the cloister of the scrolls, their bodies nowhere to be found.
Manuscript, Magical (Tome/Scroll)

Cover image: Dark Hills by Nele Diel


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