2080 A.D.

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The year is 2080 and the whole world has gone to hell, it all started with the return of bloody dragons. Appearingt in the sky they crashed onto the scene in a major way, heralding the return of magic to what is now called the sixth world. And with them followed the species of legend, Dwarves, Elves Orcs and Tolls, not as some fairytale stories but as living breathing metahumans to walk the streets with the rest of us.   In shining boardrooms all over the world corporations bleed the planet dry one decision at a time, now more powerful than countries they are recognised as their own sovereign entities. And when you give a company (who's only goal is to make money however they can) that kind of power you can imagine the amount of drek that hit the fan.   So here we are in the shadows, eeking out our living as best we can, taking on the jobs that no person, company or dragon would ever want to admit to being associated in. Both apart from the systems that are crushing the world, while at the same time acting as a necessary measure to keep things turning. We're shadowrunnners, and what the hell did we sign up for.