Shadowrun Athrirth

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Athrirth, the jewel of the Pacific, A sprawling metropolis. A haven for metahumanity, a meritocracy where any man can succeed if they put work in. Basically your sixth world spiel. Big surprise, it's just another rapture-like hellscape rife with racism and low class-mobility like any other city in this forsaken world. The only ones with power in this city are the corps. But us runners have power over them. We tread the line between ensuring the corps are fighting each other just enough to prevent them from realizing that if they work together, they could rule us with an iron fist; and preventing the corporations from starting all-out-wars and making the people foot the bill. If you're reading this, you're a shadowrunner, you're one of us. Welcome to " The Bay", Athrith's RunnerHub, I'm Marks , one of The Bay's founders, and it's lead writer. You have access to all of our data files, which has anything you need to know about this fine drekhole we call home that's not covered on one of the international Runner Hubs.



Shadowrun 5th Edition

A team of runners is assembled by fixer and club owner Tony Smiles