Neo-Tokyo Twilight

Neo-Tokyo is a risky place to be for runners. Created after a catastrophic disaster in 2061, it is a place with strict firearm laws, making it a bad place to smuggle your hardware in. Furthermore, while in 2062 the Metahuman ban was rescinded, that hasn't ended the prejudice against them.   In recent days, the shadows have whispered about the Divine Heritage Party, accusing them of kidnapping specific metahumans for scientific experiments. Whatever it is they are up to, it can't be good for metahumanity. To the DHP, releasing metahumans from Yomi Island was a mistake that needs fixing.   Now, the runners are called by a Tanaka-san*, to find and retrieve kidnapped children...
Sunday 10 October
Sixth World (6e)
Roll20 + Discord Chat

This Sunday's Run

I am offering this game for up to 5 players, and can be contacted on Discord (username Mikaro#2000) by anyone interested in joining. Sample characters will be made available, so that nobody has to make a character in advance. The run is meant to take 3 hours of actual playtime, with a bit of explanation and practice in advance, and debriefing afterwards.   Note that this game is friendly to new players. In fact, I'm running it to practice it for a gaming con, where I expect a mixture of newbies and experienced players. So if you've never played Shadowrun and want to see what the fuss is all about, feel free to join!   Do note that the run touches on metaracism. Even though the players are the good ones here, the subject matter is a sensitive one. As such, details on the evil NPC research will be kept to a generalised minimum in my explanations.

What do you need?

Shadowrun is Cyberpunk meets Magic, with Megacorps ruling the world. Shadowrunners are deniable assets hired by Mr. Johnsons to do runs for them. For those interested, you can find a brief summary of the system in the Rules Primer, and some intro to the setting in the Setting Primer.   A party of players, known as a team of Shadowrunners, tends to be gathered on the fly. Especially in con-runs, it's to be expected that most characters don't know each other. However, they still work together, because surviving and getting paid are top priority. There's no secret backstabbing of your fellow players in these games.   Since the game is online, you won't have to worry about tossing buckets of dice. Virtual dice roll way easier after all. Sample Characters are available, so anyone using those simply need a login to roll20, and a microphone for the discord voice chat.


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7 Oct, 2021 01:21

What edition is the game going to be in?

7 Oct, 2021 05:38

Sixth Edition. Adding to the sidebar now!

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