Gobbo Squad 2: At Talons Reach

Xilocoth Stormholder greets the golbins and shows them around the settlement of Talon's Reach .  

The Reach:

The tangled roots, mud and winding water ways open up into a dank clearing surrounded by dripping trees. Half rotted rope bridges connect platforms stationed up the branches of trees at various heights. Atop these platforms sit bundles of crates, barrels and small shacks, little more than lean-to's.   The area is dominated by a central wall of mangrove roots that rise to a canopy that stretches high above. Near the top of this central tree you can make out a wide circular building cradled in the branches. A slippery spiral staircase winds its way down the tree to the waters at the base, and you can see numerous dark alcoves that delve into the tree at various points along the staircase.

Recent history and context

  • The Talons were once more numerous - between 50-100.
  • Recent wars with the Protectorates have left their numbers and resources depleted.
  • The Protectorates is seeking out their hidden camp
  • They need more recruits, and to get more Birds for them ride on.
  • They need food, gear, hope, morale is low
  • Their leader, the renowned hero Aktaca Galerider was lost in the last battle known as t
  • Xilocoth has taken over, but he is young and green
  • Many others were taken captive by the Protectorates and are imprisoned at Fort Kustos
  • The Protectorates fleet was destroyed and they are waiting for reinforcements
  • The Protectorates have recently discovered and re-opened The Mines of Koigua - disturbing the local SporeMind of the Blight

Potential goals

  • Meet the Leader of the Talons and respond to his request for aid
  • Explore the settlement and inhabitants
  • Learn about the struggles, needs and opportunities present

Events and encounters


There are two goblin monks on look-out, as well as Taktuk and Mako on the roof. There are also two goblins flying Giant Vultures patrolling the nearby skies. The others will emerge within 4-6 rounds upon the sounding of any alarm.  
  • If the PCs try to sneak in, they may be discovered and attacked by defenders until they are recognised as allies... this will also mean more Talons on alert when the fever mound attacks (below)
  • Otherwise, they will be hailed and challenged by those on sentry. It won't take much to convince anyone, but their reception will be mixed. They need more warriors, but also lack food and supplies.

Fever mound attack

Almost immediately after arriving, the first introductions are interrupted by the sudden attack. A Fever Mound erupts from the surrounding sodden waters and undergrowth. It immediately surprises and engulfs one of the goblins that challenged the party.
  • If the party sounds the alarm loudly, then 2 goblin reinforcements will arrive on the 3rd round, and again on the 6th, along with Xilocoth Stormholder himself.
  • Reinforcement tactics: the first will stay in the branches above and hurl ranged attacks (shortbows). The second wave will be on foot and melee.
  • Taktuk will observe from the roof (the actions of the PCS will be noted), and Mako may make the occasional pot-shot with a crossbow (but is very poor shot and will likely hurt allies - use as a non-lethal complication if needed).

Xilo's interview.

After the battle, Xilocoth invites the PCs up to the Talon Tree for a proper chat. He explains the camp's predicament, recent woes, and tries to be tough. Easy to see through to his worry and inexperience. If the players proved their worth in the battle with the Fever mound, he will be a bit desperate for their approval and comfort.

Explore the camp

Free time, to explore Talon's Reach and siscover the people ad potential plot hooks (see sub-plots below).

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