Act 1 - Gobbo Squad

Act 1 of Talons Rising

The clans of the Uferbrech goblins have recently had a decisive win upon the ocean in their ongoing wars against the Protectorates. Much of the invading fleet was destroyed and their advancement was stalled. But the goblin tribes lost much too. Many died, including members of the elite Talons of Aetora.   The Talons are desperate to refill their ranks to further their struggles against the Protectorates and take back the lands lost to them. It is the duty of all goblins and many believe it a high honour.   You are not their first choice.   You have been a thorn in the side of the tribe's leadership. A bunch of n'er-do-wells, having committed crimes and misdemeanours time after time. But, the Mothers of Motu can't just be rid of you. Exasperated, they have given you one last chance to prove your worth to the struggle. Of course, they know you can't be trusted. Not really.
  The first step is to report to the newly installed leader of the Talons, Xilocoth Stormholder, at the outpost of Talon's Reach on the southern end of the island of Tokaru. He will be able to tell you more about the activities of the Talons in Tokaru, and what they need from you.

The challenges ahead

The Talons at Talon's Reach have many pressing concerns:
  • They are running low on supplies - food, coin and weaponry
  • They lack the numbers and need new recruits, new birds and new allies
  • They want to rescue those who were captured and enslaved by the Protectorates
  • They need to keep the location of Talon's Reach secret from the agents of Lord Akron
  • The ultimate goal is to drive the Protectorates away, and reclaim Tokaru

Character agency

The characters can choose to:
  • join the Talons as active warriors
  • Run covert operations behind enemy lines
  • Develop trade and diplomatic ties with other factions, such as the underworld at Camp Thrifty or the Tangled Fathoms
  • Seek out political agitators within the Protectorates and undermine the authority of Lord Akron
  • Abandon duty and seek their fortune elsewhere - within Camp Thrifty, the Protectorates or beyond.

Darker forces

Ancient, secretive and more sinister forces also gather behind the scenes, taking advantage of, and even driving the petty conflicts of mortals to further their dark agendas.

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