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The Shaved Wookie

The first thing most folks see after passing through the docking area to the main promenade is a blinking neon sign, showing a wookie raising his arms and putting them down, the neon changing colors from a brown to a pale white as he "removes" his fur.

Underneath the sign is the largest cantina on Shaddock Station: the Shaved Wookie.
  Staffed almost entirely by Anzellans and their droids, this unique cantina offers a wide variety of exotic food and drink as well as entertainment by those musicians who travel through the shadow port. Very occasionally, musicians travelling through the shadowport such as Bith Be Cool and others will visit the Shaved Wookie to try out new jams.   It is also the place where those closely monitoring Spindeed, the jobs board on which Station Management posts regular lists of work that needs doing, spend most of their time between jobs.   The all-Anzellan staff, which is numbered in the dozens, have a variety of clever devices to assist in creating and serving drinks and food, and are unfailingly polite.
  While the owner of the Shaved Wookie remains a mystery, a human man named Leystan Cray acts as the Anzellan's spokesman when someone needs to see the manager,


The Anzellan Clan that runs the day to day operations of the Shaved Wookie, led by the maitre'd Emil, appear to love their jobs. Not only do they enthusiastically cheer the victories (and ruthlessly mock the failures when they aren't too tragic) of the residents of Shaddock Station, they form a vital part of the station's economy. Many moonlight at jobs all over the station, often maintenance and repair work at the behest of Station Management or any of the other employers on the station who can make use of the Anzellans' small stature, outstanding eyesight, and brilliant technical minds.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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