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Welcome to Shackleton Expanse

Admiral's Log, Stardate 57110.08.  Today we bid farewell to the USS Venture.  The vessel has been recalled to patrol Deep Space 9, as Starfleet's fears of a Dominion resurgence grow more and more.  A new crew and vessel will be arriving later this week - the USS Columbia (NCC-1163-A).  She's an older vessel, but those Ambassador-class ships can still dish out a beating.   And I'm sure her crew will face their fair share of challenges and obstacles.  Our researchers tell me that the strange gravimetric pulses we've observed deep in the expanse have become more frequent.  The Klingon crews stationed here are growing more restless with each passing day, and I still can't get a straight answer about the reports of a cloaked Federation shuttlecraft destroying a bird of prey last week.   The Expanse consumes our thoughts.  Most nights, I can feel the subspace waves pounding on the station hull.  A hurricane approaches.
    Welcome crew of the USS Columbia!  You're reading this because you have enlisted in a game of Star Trek Adventures, run by Brady G.  This article will give you the basics you should know before playing the game.

Game Rules

The 2d20 system developed by Modiphius is not too difficult to understand, but can be awkward if you are used to 1d20 games (i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Etc.)  The basics are:
  • A low roll is better than a high roll.
  • You roll against your own stats, not against the GM's stats
  • Opposing forces add difficulty by requiring more successes, not a higher success number
  • You can "buy" extra dice by paying an advantage to the GM, who can use it against you later
  • A more comprehensive rules document can be found here:
  • Materials Needed

    To play the Star Trek Adventures game, you will need at least 2 20-sided dice (d20) and about 4 6-sided dice (d6).  It is HIGHLY recommended to purchase a dice set designed for Star Trek Adventures - findable at your local game store, or online at   You will also need a character sheet through the Modiphius Character Creator.

    The 2380's

    Stardate 57110 corresponds to the 2380's in Earth's Gregorian Calendar.  California-class ships are the working vessels of the Federation, often out of sight, out of mind.  The Starship Voyager returned from it's exile in the Delta Quadrant just two years ago, and the Pathfinder Project continues to find new ways to explore the vast outer reaches of the galaxy.  Captain William Riker commands the USS Titan, fighting off the new Pakled threats and treacherous divisions of the Klingon Empire.  

    Your Ship

    The USS Columbia (NCC-1163-A) is an Ambassador-Class ship, a little out of date by the time of the 2380's, but recently retrofitted to stay in the good graces of the admiralty.  She has a crew compliment of about 800.

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