Sewer Rats of Baldur's Gate

Spring 1492 DR

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Baldur's Gate! The greatest metropolis in all the realms and home to the excessively wealthy and the desperately poor . Its a place where anyone can come from anywhere and do anything. Unfortunately for you Baldur's Gate has dealt you a garbage hand. You have made the choice to work for the city as a sanitary hazard inspection technician.
These technicians are adventurers who work beneath the city streets and keep the dangers of the sewers away from the good Baldurian people. Adventurers will look down upon you and will commonly refer to you as Sewer Rats and other unsavory names. The work is extremely dangerous and dirty and recognition will almost always go to the nobles who have commissioned your labor rather than to you, but one major benefit is that you get to keep the spoils of whatever you find beneath the city streets...usually.