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Severance Reality is Broken

June 13, 178

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The world of Severance is still recovering from a worldwide cataclysmic event that occurred over 178 years ago. A time that people call the 'Obsolete Era' a time of darkness and fear. There are no records or memories of this time. All that is left are ruins of civilizations that once stood tall. The Obsolete Era left the world fractured with no one to lead the people of the world. Soon thereafter large corporations and monopolies formed. Those who had money are those who ruled you either worked for them or were left in the dust. Nowadays most civilizations exist under the protection of these companies, and the citizens are forced to abide by their rules. Luckily however most companies are on terms with each other and as such there are much fewer wars than there were in the past hundred years. However, these companies have no remorse for the common man. Street crimes and underground activity are at an all-time high, and no one even cares to stop them. The only real upside is that most races are integrated and while racism is still prevalent, everyone still lives and works together.


The Foundations

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The bizarre adventure of 5 unshaken heroes in a broken world.

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