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The Agency

An organization devoted to hiding people with inhuman abilities and providing them with a safe existence.   Base residents. The main point of contact for the agents inside the agency

  • Sima - a modest brunette woman with an average-looking face, not too pretty, cup size between B and C. She is a secretary and a boss-figure for agents. Has no super abilities but has worked for Agency for a long time. A trusted person.
  • D'etra - an oracle. A mostly catatonic elderly lady that becomes aware of her environment and speaks prothetic words. Dresses like a gypsie.
  • Gilgen - the dimension-altering boy who changes things he touches. An 11-year-old. Wears gloves to be able to touch people.
  • Timur - an official ambassador of the Agency, has perfect memory. Former army sergeant.
  A strike squad with a punk-aesthetic.
  • Mlekkin(George) - boss and heavy weapons guy. Has an ability that diverts attention from an object he is in contact with, usually uses it to hide a shotgun he prefers using. He looks 40, has grey hair because of all of the stress he'd had.
  • Elisa(Lisa) - shooter. Has the ability to burst - act quickly in a short time. Blonde girl with cup size B. Wears black torn-up jeans and an extremely short old red skirt with a matching top(less torn up tho). Has three holsters for pistols, all three for the right hand.
  • Suzsh'Kra(Vasya) - recon. Has invisibility power, can hide himself and objects he touches, is limited by area multiplied by the time of concealing. Wears punk shirts with corny titles and green jean shorts with only one holster for a silenced pistol.
  • Haal(Martyn) - a driver. Drives any transport without learning how to. Feels controlled transport as an extension of his own body. Wears driver gloves and a blindfold.
A squad of Demons.
  • Grittan(Oleg) - a higher demon. Despite the name works best at depths - underwater or underground.
  • Jur(Люба) - temptress who can read thoughts
  • Teray(Егор) - attacking demon, prankster
  • Rifter(Вова) - defense demon, precise in his shields


The organization has head people who have no inhuman abilities, they have supporting organizing roles. There is an oracle predicting future events that the Agency needs to intersect. There are also two sets of residents - field agents and office agents. Field agents are spread into groups based on their swiftness, lethality, subtlety and the speed of recovery.


Weapons, oracle, superhuman abilities of agents, technology built with abilities and occasionally sold, a huge hidden base built using dimensional architecture.

Safe life for those with abilities

Secret, Occult
Training Level
Veterancy Level
World of Living

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