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Lord of Heavens

The lord's job is to watch over his world, in this case, Heavens. By world, I mean a Universe. He has one universe to take care of. Lord has a council that helps the lord to know the full picture and they often take action by his command. Typically a lord is a very powerful mage. Dark Creatures cannot become lords of dark worlds and vice versa. The world can be lost if the number of planets belonging to one side will be surpassed by a number of planets belonging to the other side. The lord of Heavens never saw the war so he is relatively blissful, but he's not blameless since he was one of the organizers of the Great Massacre. After the aforementioned massacre, Lord of Heavens became irrelevant. His worlds was assimilated by the Shadow Realm and he was consumed by Ricknan

Civic, Political
Alternative Naming
Heaven Lord
Equates to
Lord of other worlds among Seven Worlds. Only Lord of Shadow Realm is hidden and obeys different rules
Related Locations

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