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The concept of an Alter is a belief peculiar to the hollow warriors. The Alter is the alternate self that birthed their existence. A hollow warrior is the avatar of the Alter's soul.   Though an Alter should not be elevated to the level of a deity, it is nevertheless an entity that most hollow warriors consider deserving of respect. Their Alter is a hollow warrior's ultimate authority. The core of their selfhood is shaped by their Alter. Their Alter decides when and how long they walk the land, and whether or not they will ever open their eyes again.   In the moment that their soul first awakens inside their body, a hollow warrior is bestowed a core memory by their Alter. For most it is a key sentence, or a few sentences, that summarize the hollow's purpose in this world. For some it may be something more akin to a passionate conviction, or an evocative image. This core memory is absolutely unique to each hollow warrior and very personal. No two are alike.   Of course there are also hollow warriors who dismiss this imperative, or even dismiss the concept of having to answer to a mystical entity that doesn't even belong to this world. But to those who do believe, and who take their core memories seriously, the wishes of their Alter and others' Alters are felt to be just as important as their own wishes.     Click Me For Spoilers
The soul of every hollow warrior is anchored to an individual on the other side of the Soul Gate in the Well of Souls. Because their soul is not anchored to this world, but to the flipside, to their Alter, or alternate self, the soul cannot be damaged in this world.   The Alters are ourselves. The hollow warriors are the player characters.
Religious, Special
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