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The Confederation of United Planets and Kingdoms

We wish, with the advent of this Confederation, and the signing of this document, that the dark days of the past are behind us...we wish to form a government that ensures the safety and freedom of its people.
— The Setareh Manifesto


The Confederation consists of diplomats from each represented planet or kingdom (a kingdom being defined as a government controlling more then one planet) and one Board of Overseers.
The Board consists of the Secretary, the Treasurer, the High General, the Vice Minister, and the High Minister, who are charged with keeping order and making sure one group never gains an advantage.

Appointment of the Board


Candidates for each position are nominated by diplomatic groups from each planet To be nominated, a candidate must have served in a governmental position for at least one of their planet's terms.

Election and Term Limits

Once the candidates are nominated, the voting rounds begin. Each diplomat votes individually, not as a planetary group. For the first round, the candidates need more then one vote to move on. Every round, the amount of votes needed increases by ten. Traditionally, only four rounds are needed, but it can more or less depending on the number of nominees and whether or not there are any ties. Once elected, a Board Member serves for five standard years, and then has to be reelected.

Public Agenda

The main idea behind the founding of the Confederacy was to provide an alternative to the warring Empires of the past. This form of government would also allow each planet more individual freedom, unlike the Empires which were mostly Absolute Monarchies. This, they believe, will prevent more events like the Kesucal Calamity and that followed.


Under the The Setareh Manifesto , a proper education is defined as "an understanding of galactic and local history, and develops the critical thinking skills required to understand the relevance of what they are taught". The Confederation will otherwise not intervene in planetary education, unless requested.
1: Europium is used in the manufacture of rods for nuclear reactors, and most of the Confederation members use nuclear power or Dyson Spheres. Notable exceptions include the Ent(who use artificial photosynthesis) and the Scyll (who mostly use wind mixed with solar).

For Unity, For Prosperity

Founding Date
50 AKC
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Alternative Names
The CUPK, The Starlight Senators, The Crumbling Cornerstone (the Stympha)
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Credit, which is backed by the metal Europium
Setareh Galaxy
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Manufactured Items


Since none of the Equilist Tenets of Faith defy the basic laws of the Confederation, and since it is such a firmly established religion, the Confederation has not yet taken official legal action against the religion. However, they still do take legal action if Contracters break the law.

At War

The Stympha believe the Conferderation is a strict, corrupt government that will soon fall because it cannot adapt to change. The Confederation feels the Stympha are a bunch of idiot anarchists who have no idea how government works. Even though the two are technically at war, any "battles" are usually small skirmishes over a territory. Unless one group outright attacks the other on a massive scale, its unlikely the war will escalate.

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21 Feb, 2019 00:13

Love this article so far, I'm really curious about the symbol used to represent the confederation. Is it a flag or a seal, and as for the symbol itself is there any meaning behind it to your world? Does it represent the galaxy they reside in or does it represent something more abstract?   An example I have in my own world-building is an explanation of a family crest in Family of Hojo. While you don't nearly need to go that in-depth it does help to give people and understanding of the specific culture behind a given organization and acts as a great bitesized jumping off point. It could even transform into it's own article like in this example.

21 Feb, 2019 01:15

Thanks for the like and comment! It's supposed to be a seal, and is supposed to be a simplified version of the Setareh Galaxy (the galaxy this all takes place in) because they're supposed to be a galactic unifying force.

21 Feb, 2019 10:14

Very interesting so far! I particularly like the relationship with the Stympha, looking forward to their article.   I'd also like to know how the Board of Overseers is chosen, and for how long they remain in their positions!

21 Feb, 2019 14:10

I'll definitely be working on the Stympha article sometime in the future. They're...pretty unique to say the least. Also, yeah, I'm gonna add that part about term limits (is a derp for forgetting).

21 Feb, 2019 21:42

I see! Nice. I particularly like the built-in protection from life-time rulers, that's quite clever.

22 Feb, 2019 00:17

It also makes sense from a bureaucratic standpoint. One person doing two demanding political jobs would just be tiring and inefficient.

22 Feb, 2019 15:57

True. A nicely thought-out system.