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S.E.T. City

Once a vibrant and green planet, originally known as Kroshan, in the Talthorian home Region. Populated with native early Talthorians and their first subspecies, it flourished for generations with economic and cultural stability, creating a system that merged technological means with their natural and magical abilities. In the early years it was one of the crowning jewels of the Talthorian Empire, serving as the main hub of economic growth and transportation in Everywhere, all well under the direct control of the Guiding Houses   With the Talthorian Expansion, it flooded with other (sub)species and its own growing Talthorian population, becoming the forefront and a powerhouse in adapting technology to Ei’tarnium. It began outpacing all others in technological development and grew into an economopoulos that rivaled and essentially served as almost second capital to the Empire, and with power, it also grew in authority to deny the House's wishes. (Un)fortunately, with the formation of their own hierarchy, separated from the Talthorian Empire as it formed its own coalition, there was no longer proper oversight. ‘Separate but United’ only lasted so long before it all came crashing down.   A result of the inherent greed and striving for perfection ultimately corrupted the culture and its inner systems. Inevitably it grew so bad that it led to a sabotage of the SoulLines by an unknown entity that messed with the Ei’Tarnium power source and largely broke and corrupted the Digiplane. Bringing it and most of the city and its networks down. Seeing most of the city come crashing down, most of the inhabitants fled off-world, leaving the planet and those not fortunate enough to escape, to its fate. To be tred under the boot of the few remaining corporations.