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Wing Teaching

Protect the younger, Teach them to live in this hostal land, Teach them to thrive, Teach them to teach the next.   "The Player Glitches of the Forrest Shadow Faction are a strange lot, though that is because I am Admin taught and any of the Glitch factions would seem strange and foreign to me. Unlike the strict rankings of the Admins, these folks have a more familial approach to grouping people. I believe it is called Wing Teaching? Newer Glitches are taken in by older Glitches and taught how thing work here. Since I am former Admin I have not been given such a nicety, they are all to wary of me. Thus, for now I blunder on. " -an excerpt from Dupya's Written Logs


Wing Teaching, also some times called Wing Mentoring, started out in the early days of the factions in order to teach new members the ropes. They kept finding all these younger Glitches then them that knew nothing about the world they were in. Some one had to teach these younger ones how to survive in SV. So the older Glitch took that job and when they deamed there charges ready to become mentors themselves, the taught became the teacher. The name Wing Teaching, is derived from the phrase 'I took them under my wing' which a old saying meaning that a person has become some one's teacher.


When a new Glitch is found and brought in to safety, an older Glitch who has no ward of there own yet will take in the younger Glitch in after the new Glitch is stable. The older Glitch then becomes responsible for the younger/new Glitch until the older Glitch deems them ready to go out to the surface for the first time since being brought to safety. The bond made between the teacher and the student becomes more like the bond between parent and child in most cases. Younger Glitches taught by the same older Glitch become like siblings and so on.


Wing Teaching, also some times called Wing Mentoring, is when an older more experienced Glitch takes a new comer or new Glitch 'under there wing'. The older Glitch becomes like a parent of sorts to the younger one, this is one way the suedo family units are created.

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