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The Faction Color Code

"A flash of color you see in passing,
was it red?
was it blue?
was it white?
was it green?
Know your colors child, to know friend from foe."
-Poem By Echo   "It appears that the Forrest Shadow faction's green cloaks serve more of a purpose than just to aid in hiding. Today a group of red cloaked glitches arrived today, via the nether, to meet with Felis Fox today. Judging by the stand offish reactions of many of the Forrest Shadows, these glitches are not of this faction. When I asked Echo, my handler, he replied that they were of the Hellsbane faction and there faction color is red. This explains a group that I saw at the base a few weeks back that had tan cloaks. Each glitch faction must have a distintice color that their members where, most commonly the articale of clothing being a cloak."
-an excerpt from Dupya's early written logs

Major Factions by color:
Forrest Shadows - Green
White Lions - Black*
Admins - White
Desert Sun- Tan
Hellsbane(disbanded) - Red
  (*The White Lions are an odd case, most of their members wear black colored cloaks, but the leadership wear stolen white Admin coats.)

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