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Removel Sickness and Code Corruption

Removel sickness, ban sickness, code corruption or just corruption, this sickness is called by many names.   "The lass was hit square in the chest with a charged ban hammer. She screamed in pain as her body was focally dematerialized and set to the void. Then again as she spawned back in a dim room. The glitching began, random sections of her body would disappear to the void and the reaper still feeling as if they where in the void. This lasted for hours, after it finally stopped she just laid there her body stiff, aching, and sore. The flesh where she has been hit by the ban hammer marred by dark purple blocky scars."
-an excerpt from Dupya's Journals

Transmission & Vectors

Removel sickness is transmitted by the saliva of Coruption Beasts. This is the only way other then removel to contract it.


Removel sickness is the after affect of being removed, being removed is a very painful process.


Symtoms of removel sickness are ban scars, blocky scars of a dark purple color, as well as code corruption. Code corruption is the slow change of a player glitch's code until they have because fully corrupted and turned into a Coruption Beasts, which is the final stage of the sickness. This is the closest thing in SV to permeant death.


While there is no cure, there is one method of prolonging an affected's life. If the affected player glitch has access to a coder, the coder can make periodic repairs to the damage caused by the corruption to their code. The time from when one is removed and when the final stage is complete can be up to centires if untreated or thousands of years if prolonged.


Removel sickness is a terminal illness. You get removed, you are going to 'die'. Though that will not happen for many years.

Affected Groups

The most affected group are first generation Player Glitches.

Hosts & Carriers

A known host of the removel sickness is the corruption beasts.

Cultural Reception

About 70-80% of the Player Glitch population has removel sickness. Due to that, it holds no soical stigma and not having removel sickness is seen as uncommon.

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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