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Forrest Shadows

"First came the Forrest’s, oldest of the biomes, thus this be were they first hid." -Poem By Echo   "The Forrest Shadows name describes the way most them travel safely over ground, by sticking to the shadow of the forests. Many even travel in the the branches of the tall trees, their lanky and lean muscled forms making easy for them to jump from tree to tree. Their green cloaks aid them blend better with the green of the trees. I wonder if I could make a better impression on Felis if I make her cloak be able to make her invisible for a duration of time..." -an excerpt from Dupya's written logs


The Head is top dog, The Coder is like a medic and secondary in command.

Public Agenda

The Forrest Shadows public agenda is to find and protect new comers to the Serververse.


What the Forrest Shadows have in way of assets are Glitches have developed a useful power. Such as Waikiki who has fire and mind 'magic' or Echo who can mimic any person's voice upon hearing it and body langue after a few hours of watching that person. Dupped Ya (Dupya) Spawn is also valued very highly for his ability to edit a Glitch's code and repair a good chunk of the damages caused by Removal.


Felis was on her own at first. It was several years before she ran into another Glitch for the first time, which was Echo. Together they made the first proper base, which had to be expanded as they found and took in new Glitches. As their numbers slowly grew, traditions such as Wing Teaching started to form and a unique culture started to bloom in the depths of earth where they lived safe in one large base. Though after a long while, the base was getting rather crowded. Some of the more adventurous members wanted to go out and make new base it spread out the factions sphere of influence. Felis gave them the go ahead and atleast 5 out of the eight individuals that set out were successful. Once the five new bases were well established and safe, other glitches began to slowly migrate to them. By the time Dupya was brought in the main base, it was far from overflowing. Which became a good thing when the Admins found the base's location by tracking Dupya. After that attack, the Forrest Shadows abandoned the original base and made a new main base much farther out. Even though the new base was much farther out than the original one, the Admin would raid the new base at random interval. They knew Dupya's location, thus they new where the base was. Felis decided that even with the sparatic raids keeping Dupya was worth it since he could repair the damage done to the Glitches. To lessen the damages from the Admin raids, Felis decided she and Dupya would permanently live in the main base. Other members of the faction could come and get check ups from Dupya but were advised to not stay longer then nessary.

Demography and Population

The population with in the Forrest Shadow's territory is divided up among the small central underground base and 5 much larger underground bases that are more akin to underground city.

See Us Not

Illicit, Other
Alternative Names
Green Cloaks
Felis Fox
Head of State
Felis Fox
Head of Government
Felis Fox
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Related Ethnicities

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