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Brutum (Corruption Beasts)

Entry 006 - Corrupted Glitch
by Ortello
There is no such thing as permanent death in SV, all beings can respawn while there. The closest thing to death in SV is when a glitch becomes a corrupted beast. This happens when the corruption of a glitch’s code has completely taken over, leaving them a mindless beast controlled by the system like some kind of antivirus. Since the system can’t delete a players it takes over there code, that is what the corruption is.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

These creatures have large round heads, very large muscular front limbs and shorter hind legs. To balance out their front heaviness corruption beasts have a long thick tall to counter weight it.

Genetics and Reproduction

Corruption beast 'reproduce' via Removel Sickness and Code Corruption.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Nothing is known about what this creatures eat, but they do like to hunt Player

Scientific Name
Nascere Malum Brutum
Conservation Status
Plentiful, Sadly

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