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The Orange Parrot Tavern

The Orange Parrot Tavern is an establishment founded by legendary Black Parrot Privateer and hero Kipp "Gnasty Tooth" Gartside after he retired from adventuring. Using the money he gained, Gartside built the tavern of his dreams of sharing his culinary gifts with the world, with his trademark smile of course.

Purpose / Function

Serving sweets and drinks as well as being a centralized social hub for adventurers and privateers alike.


There is a double door entrance along with several windows into storage and the kitchen.

Sensory & Appearance

A consistent mix of citrusy and sweet smells accompanied by the sounds of a record player or piano. The Orange Parrot Tavern embraces its privateer theming with an interior designed to look like the inside of a ship decorated with swords and other memorabilia from Kipp's days as a captain. A number of candles along with Camshire's naturally tropical climate keep the temperatures nice and cozy.


Kipp Gartside; a lot of the other employees are reformed thieves who had nowhere else to go, as he was once tempted by the life of crime himself.

Contents & Furnishings

Seats for up to 71, including areas for dancing and a special section for adventurers to strategize or rest after a hard quest. There is also a waterfall and fountain centerpiece.


The walls are decorated with rare swords, valuable paintings, and a world map. A set of statues lie near the piano with another also acting as a fountain.


Reinforced stone and wood structure. Memorabilia and other decorations dot the bright and colorful walls. It's almost like a giant closed cabana.


There are cutlasses and a crossbow behind the counter, and the owner carries two wakizashi with him at all times.


Started by an elder Kipp Gartside after he helped save the world to serve people after he gathered enough money from privateering to start his own tavern and live out his dream of a confectionery maker.


It has some of the best citrus-flavored goods on the entire continent, and the occasional chance to meet a legendary hero in person.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Owning Organization


  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon-eel Pie
  • Dessert

  • "Jellatin"
  • Orange Sundae
  • Lollipops
  • Cake


  • Lemonade
  • Limonade
  • Orange Juice
  • Grapefruit float

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    Mar 13, 2022 05:01

    I love the map style, brings back memories of old school games.   The rest of the article is a bit bare bones though. Put in a citrus themed menu, tell us why a retired privateer started to hire reformed thieves (or was he the one who reformed them) What are the "pirate weapons" behind the counter?   My one other comment is be specific on the samurai swords. Is it 2 katana, a katana and a wakizashi, or perhaps a kodachi?

    Updated soon.
    Mar 15, 2022 23:56 by Michael Chandra

    Oooh RPG Maker assets! Nice! And I like the whole idea of 'retired adventurer does whatever he wants with his gains'. (To be fair, my own tavern has a similar origin.)   I like the bits you have, but I'd love to read much more detail of everything. And the same applies to the map: The place is rather empty, it'd make more sense to have way more tables and give it more of a social feel.

    Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
    Mar 26, 2022 16:53 by Tzaritsa

    The article could use a bit more fleshing out, but I love the picture of the layout - it's really beautiful. Don't give up, you can still make this a wonderful article by today's end! Tell me more about the privateers that frequent the establishment!

    |Author of Matelo Kaloje|

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