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Martie (Marti)

A non-contact sport. - prompt   Magical archery, the practise originated from martyr hunters who wanted to test their skill against one another.   A sport where wizards and other magic users compete to hit target at distance. Measuring accuracy, efficiency, and knowledge of magic.   One uses Magic to hit a secret predetermined set of magical targets in quick succesion. The Targets represents certain monsters, animals, spirits, creatures or other threats. The rarer the creatures in the contest the harder.   Based on knowledge of the monsters, the "Martie" (the Spell Flinger) flings spells of proportionate strength, schools and elements, and damage types to neutralise the target in the most effective way. All competitors go at the same time. Then when all the competitors Have flung their spells, they each explain why they used the spells they did and to what effect (Essentially bragging about how great they are).   After this the referees deal points based on a complicated set of rules that takes years to fully learn.   The one who earned the most points, win.   winning a game of Martie is very prestigious, and earns a lot of respect. Even participating in such an event is worthy of the highest praise.


The sport Originates from ancient Martyr hunters who wanted a way to test their skills competitively.   Hence fourth it has been a staple sport between spell casters, flingers, and hunters alike.   Over time more and more rules where added to the point where it is now considered the most complicated sport of the continent. It takes years to fully learn the rules and a degree in the sport to be allowed to professionally referee.


The Marties (spell flingers) The Referee The audience


Once a year The great university holds a competition lasting a full week, with hundred of participants. The reward is a place as a honorary member of the University, and a full degree at any Collage of maki of choice.
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