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Ritsu Saiki

Ritsu Saiki

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Full dark black studded leather armor with a head covering as well so only the golden eyes are visible. The armor has silver accents

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Because of the full robes, gender is not expressed exteriorly.

Mental Trauma

Family died (blames self)

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

  • Peace and calm vibes
  • Green Tea
  • Dishonor
  • Wasting time


Contacts & Relations

Membership with the Order of the Black Lotus
Current Location
Death Sands
View Character Profile
Chaotic Neutral
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages
Common, Draconic, Elvish, Sylvan, Thieves’ Cant

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In The Ring with The White Tiger

As we travel the plant life loses life more and more. Soon a hum comes across the horizon, we feel it in our bones, Hideo senses the weave of magic in the air.   44: We see the Old Capitol in the distance like mountains. We continue to walk towards the rendezvous point. Into some grasslands where we can get a long rest as we wait for the caravan. In the distance, Basir sees torches. It is our friends! We relieve our packs to the servents and greet our comrades. Zyna and Ling are buddies now. We sleep then Basir and Hideo leave for a bit for Hideo to change into his hobgoblin outfit.   We go into the town and go to the stables and put our horses there. We go into the stable house to get some drinks and get a lay of whos hanging around. Guards come and escort us to see The Tiger. We walk into a courtroom and on a raised stage sits The White Tiger (Yan Baihu). People sit at low tables on the sides of the room. We discuss with The White Tiger and try to gain his trust or at least a temporary alliance. Ritsu whispers to Basir to not tell them about the baby but say that we have a secret weapon. We made a deal that our best fighter will fight The White Tiger. If we win, he sends 5 good men with us.   We go to the Guild Hall which is the hub of shopping in the Capitol. Ritsu: Long Bow +1. 10 Arrows +1, 1 Potion of Greater Healing, Two Potion of Healing. Basir: 60 Bullets Hideo: 3 Potions of Healing   We get some mooncakes and go to the smokehouse. We meet some tiefling mercenaries (8 for 450 GP).   We go to the fighting theater. Khoda puts on warpaint. Shamoke leads us up to the special seating for our group. They host kindly. The Tiger and Khoda come into the room and give speeches. As the fight goes on, while Khoda puts up a good fight, Khoda becomes frightened by the white tiger. The Tiger disarms Khoda then drops his own weapon and reaches out his hand; Khoda takes it. The tiger then flips over him and rips his arm behind his back. Khoda gets out and attacks The Tiger and does damage, but then Khoda got stabbed by The Tiger with a dagger to his hip. The match ends and The White Tiger gives us five men (Tenaka). We hire the Tiefling mercenaries for 300 GP now and 100 GP later.        

Finishing off this Bull

In the battle with the bulls: Hideo gets skewered by one of the bulls while Khoda starts to ride the other. Ritsu temporarily starts to get petrified but gets out of it. Hideo gets really really really hurt. Khoda has a zen moment and prays to his gods for the actions that he was preparing to do. Khoda whips the bull he was riding into the bull attacking Hideo and deals a lot of damage to the other bull. Hideo gets saved while Basir distracts one of the bulls. Khoda and Ritsu take down the other bull. Khoda then, going to attack the bull, tried to throw a javelin but instead critically attacked his own foot. Ritsu slices at the remaining bull's neck and kills it. We celebrate being alive and take a short rest.

Getting into some BULLshit

We wake up refreshed and ready for the day.   32: Khoda leads. The terrain starts to become corrupted. The tall sharp grass slows us down but still able to walk.   56: We see a tower in the distance. It seems to belong to Hobgoblins. Hideo dresses into his hobgoblin costume. As we get closer an arrow flies and hits right before our feet. We pursued them to let us through and cross the bridge.   44: the Terrain becomes not the vibe. Sulfur comes out of the ground   92: The smell of sulfur lingers as if there is volcanic activity nearby. Salt formations come up from the ground. It becomes a forest of rock formations. As we move through there is a loud clanking sound echoing off the rocks. We discuss it then we see an angry metallic bull and it sees us. We engage in battle with two bulls.   ~Battle/Session Paused for Sleep~

Simping for an Oni and Watching a Goblin Massacre

We begin this session at like 3 pm. Our team members arent feeling well so we choose to rest. We make camp and the woman with us finds out about the baby. Before she can ask questions, Ritsu pulls the team aside and tells them to keep their mouths shut.   Khoda gets pulled away from the group during his night watch by the woman and is charmed by her then taken into the middle of nowhere to get attacked by the scary Oni. Now we doubt every NPC that we have encountered so far.   Hideo sends the following message to Ling through mind magic: "We are moving. Where are you? Meet us north of hobgoblin stronghold, hours walk. Bring whole caravan, especially hobgoblins. Beware shapeshifting Oni. Hope you’re well!"   Ling responds with: "Duly noted. Will start mobilizing immediately. We are four days away, probably arriving by sundown. Got ambushed by rabid beast people. Lost Dragon guard, Dorji, a servant, and two horses. Good speed."   1: normal fine   45: Tiny house, smoke coming out the chimney. Herbs and shrubbery growing around the house, some sheep in the back yard.   97: there is a plateau with fancy masonry work on the side. the symbiote goes in and sees giant spider webs so we decide to leave   20: Nothing happens for real   30: three humanoid figures in the distance walking towards us from an angle. three goliaths cross our path peacefully.   35: ahead we see a herd of animals (100) galloping through the horizon.   7: Nothin, 4 pm now   98: We see footsteps and then hear screams echoing in front of us. Ritsu sees what looks to be a sacrifice happening around the corner. More come around from where we came but we hide. Crowds of goblins congregated. They heard that many hyena creatures so they did the rituals, but instead, the goblins were being torn apart so we left.  

Fighting Some Dead Guys

We wake up in the ruins to the smell of wet earth from the thunderstorm we had previously endured. We begin our journey.   73: We begin to follow the road we took to get here. As we travel we see that there is an avalanche and our path is disrupted by the damage. We attempt to go up the avalanche and get burdened by the mud, then quickly decide to follow a path to the northwest   41: We hike up the path through the woods. Khoda hears ferocious sounds ahead of us. Ritsu scouts ahead and sees a magic mist. We decide to go around and Basir sees a rich guy cemetery in the clearing   We go along the path and we see a crudely made banner marking a village. We saw a ghoul and hunted him down and killed it. We avoided the village.   We continue along. We run into a woman being chased by ghouls. We disposed of the ghouls and talked to the woman. She had seen a man with a blue/black hooded cape.   We find our way out of the woodland   98: We find an abandoned vendor cart. The loot: 560 gold Leather talisman (25 GP) Iron ring (25) Fine Cloth coat (25) Potion of resistance against lighting Potion of greater healing (Ritsu) Mithril armor   Total 190 GP each   We continue on.   85: We see a scary giant Oni creature. It temporarily kills Khoda then we murder it. Loot has clothing and weapon (forged by the fires of hell [+1 magic weapon]) but no money or personal items.        

Into the Moon Temple

Nat 20 Survival Check: A mist becomes a drizzle that becomes rain. Mud soaks our clothing. We make decent time with Hideo's survival skills.   49: Rain starts picking up again, water is soaked down our bodies. A child's voice comes from the bog. Khoda goes towards the voice to give them a flower. More Cappas come out of the bog and we fight them as they attempt to pull us into the lake to drown. Hideo almost dies.   Survival 18: Thunder starts to join the rainstorm. We make it to the ruins and find a dry place to rest. We set up a small dry camp.   We go into the Tunnels and get attacked by a curse by walking in recklessly. We go into the cavern and go deep in then up some grand stairs. Ritsu goes ahead of the group and absolutely devastatingly assassinates a messenger/priest and a scout. We see an image of Ba Ku. We come across a door with obsidian handles and moon phases above the door. It says "only in darkness, do I feel alive". Khoda plays a joke on us pretending that the door hurts him but then opens the door to an empty room with a door to the left. We go into the room to fight with a scary drow guy in black armor. Every time we attack he dodges and attacks us back. Ritsu used poison on their blades. Khoda grapples the drow to the ground and we all stabby stab until he was dead.  

Lore Heavy Funtimes

A paralyzed Ritsu is brought back to the camp up back out of the town. The party finds that the caravan had been ambushed by 12 drow. The dragon guards were able to take two prisoners. Prisoner says "mother has thousands". "Mother is second most powerful to Ba Ku... If you're here, you're already too late. "   Going to swim - Ritsu and the Symbiote   68: Clearer area of the lake. Can't see anything of importance   73: Swimming SO fast. Super move through logs (alligators???) Jk I'm safe Get out of the water cause they can see an arch vibe in the distance. The further we move the more we confirm that it is the arch vibe.   Hike around the Lake - Hideo, Basir, and Khoda   9: Easy walk, mud ain't too bad   We meet up! The mud gets thiccer as we get closer to the arch. We find it and there are whispers. We lock hands and walk through the archway. We then follow a big ol mosquito up a mountain to a cave. Meet up with the patron then Hideo wakes up at the arch and finds the rest of the party passed out under the arch. We have disadvantages against attacks for some amount of time. Hideo sees an old man start to walk towards us. It is the old man from the mountains. Tells the story of the moon and the sun. the world is a wedding gift, the stars are their children, the old man is their child as well. The moon and sun lost their first child and they could not recover. He's now mad and destroying everything he gave to her. He says that bringing the child to Ba Ku is the only way to leave Ba Ku emotionally weakened so we can attack.    

Fun with Hobgoblins and FINALLY SHOPPING

After the fight with the Drow:   RIP all our peeps. Hamuro was the target and he's dead af. Dragon Guard says they will fight for us. We hear of a town with the clan of Scythe. Dorji (after the loss of Tani) decides to take out his grief in joining our mission. A funeral is held for Hamuro, the Dragon Guard, the Inn Keeper, and Tani. Ling had a great time at the snake show.   We heal up and head out, going towards the moon drow temples.   18: Traveling through the darkness. Some light   94: In the darkness, as we reach a hilltop, we hear whispers. A local spirit seems to be trying to speak to us in a language that we can not understand. Ritsu prays for the protection of the team as we continue our journey. We find a stone man impaled with a column. His armor is full of magic. Khoda kicks down the column and the stone man crumbles. Basir carries the magic armor back to the caravan to have other people check out the magic. As we get back to the caravan, two humanoids (OUR HOBGOBLINS) ARE BACK TO COME HANG OUT AGAIN!!!!! They want to cleanse their honor from being cowardly. Hobgoblin wears the magic armor   9: EZ traveling, hobgoblin comes up and says that the armor feels fine. We tell him to keep wearing it. Nothing else happens.   72: Up ahead, a Big Ol tree with smaller trees that are grey and silver. Seems like a druid Stonehenge. But cant feel any like magic.   67: Hobgoblin camp ahead. We send the hobgoblins to scout. They report that the camp is deserted. We go into the camp. They think it is a war camp. The battlefield would be a while off. Food is rotten so they probably just lost the battle. Everyone gets 85 Gold. Potion of Resistance (thunder) (uncommon, dmg 188) goes to Khoda, Spell Scroll (Vampiric Touch) (uncommon, dmg 200) goes to Hideo, Potion of Animal Friendship (uncommon, dmg 187) goes to Ritsu, Ring of Swimming (uncommon, dmg 193) goes to Basir.   38: Bustling with people, a big hall, with sheds and stables. Is identified as a Trading Post. Enter through a wooden gate and there's stables and warehouses and merchants. Bought wand of secrets (that will show hidden doors and traps) for the magic armor plus 850. Bought horses for everyone.   55: Coming into a rocky passage (like to Mordor). In front of us, a hobgoblin group is traveling. When they see us they mobilize to attack. Our hobgoblins parlay with the others. Ritsu shoots one through the neck. Khoda overkills the last archer. We find 24 gold, a pig, two chickens, a bunch of wheat (weed).              

A Day on the Town

Kharban: Small town, humble but pretty. Ornate lamps lighting the city in the smog. The ground has tile stones on the pathways. Straight to the inn for rest. Detailed on the outside, plain on the inside.   In the Inn: Khoda makes us some half-orc friends, Dorji and Tani. They recommend that we talk to the leader called Daidukul (hobgoblin).   On the Town: Ritsu and Hideo go to the store. Ritsu spends 400 gold on a moon sword that lights the creature on fire when they are killed   Khoda goes to talk to leader of the town. Basir stops in at the blacksmith but catches up in time to talk to Daidukul with Khoda. They discuss the Ba Ku issue. They learn the exact location of the ruins. and where the lake arch could be.   Come back to the Inn and there are drow killing our buddies. Hamuro, a dragon guard, Tani the half-orc, and the inn keeper are all dead. Rest of guard are injured. We are all injured. We arent vibing (feeling weak and nauseous) for an hour. We loot the bods.   Found: Crossbow, Vials of poison, Gold coins: 16, Crescent moon lockets matching.


10: A few hours before midnight. Starting to travel through the main area of the plains. Grassy plains as far as the eye can see. Khoda is hopeful to encounter his tribesmen. Nothing of note happens.   14: Traversing the wilderness that is the plains. Overgrown footpaths of armies of the past are crisscrossing across the plains   23: A stillness is in the night air. A sense of danger looms. Hamuro asks if we should go to a town   2: Traveling along a road that has been created by old caravan tracks. Our magic protection flames burn out and new lights are lit.   14: A lot of distance is covered. We begin to notice that the plant life seems to have less life the further we travel.   19: Travel safely for the next hour. Hamuro comes up to the group and we all agree to set camp for a meeting to plan out the future of our travels and allow the soldiers to rest. In the meeting with Hamuro and Ling: This area seems to be corrupted by Ba Ku's magic. There are violent, aggressive demon creatures that are in the area, attack to kill. The sun clan has an estimate of where Ba Ku landed. We will probably get there before it wakes up. Our job is to help ling and also investigate the town. Ling says that the only way to hurt Ba Ku is to harness energy from the Sun goddess. Demons aren't evil, but they come from chaotic energy.   31: Starts to enter a bog. It's not too bad, but the people on horseback almost step on the hives of a flying insect. We manage to avoid it and continue on carefully through the bog. The carriage crushes a nesting hole and 5 swarms of black beetles come out. They wreck my vibe then bounce. We got out of the bog and we are an hour out.   10: See the town ahead. Population ~ 20. We get a space in a bunkhouse for 100 gold pieces out of the group fund for the full amenity package. Wake up at 3 PM when the next session begins.

From the Death Sands to the Great Plains

After the battle, the team moves 100 yards away and makes camp for a long rest. A sense of danger looms over us as we drift off. We wake up and chat with Ling and Hamuro. Ling uses the teeth of the purple worm to attempt to contact the spirits of the desert. She senses WOAh in our future.   61: Desert. Screams ahead. Goes for a sneaky peek. Sees giant salamanders harassing some travelers. Ritsu sends out an arrow and hits one of the salamanders. Basir shoots another one with a gun. Hideo obliterates the one Ritsu attacked. Khoda rages down the hill and attacks the closest salamander. The salamanders begin to fatally attack the civilians. Hideo keeps getting the final kills. Khoda kills the one he was attacking then heads to the next closest to wail on that one. We kill all the salamanders. Hideo steals the last shot from Khoda. Meets Mugami a civilian in the party. Mugami's son wants to tell our story. Talking to Hamuro afterward he tells us: We are not planning on coming back. Ba Ku is not the only demon in the sky, the sun goddess is also a demon! Ling is going to connect us to the sun demon to use demonic magic to fight Ba Ku. Khoda takes a moment to be mad about helping demons then settles on killing demons and continuing on the path   12: Traveling through shifting sands. Coming towards the ends of the sands.   20: Next hour, nothing happens. Expecting to get to the plains in an hour or so.   45: It starts to rain. Travel is difficult, its hard to see, but progress is being made.   91: Start seeing the great plains and seeing grass and trees! Leaving the sands finally!! Not super pretty, but its new terrain which is refreshing. Archway on the hill. Alter with protective spell around it devoted to the local spirits. Ling leads the way. Communicates with the spirits. Spirit says "walk with the shadows". All of our torches turn blue. Hideo dreams of dark sand and black skies and it looks like a purple swamp; he sees an arch that is twisted and corrupted then hears "Ba Ku is weak. come find me".   68: Thicker tree density but still loose formation. Hears a sizeable army of footmen. Ritsu scouts ahead. blue twinkles and whispers twinkle in the trees. A large caravan of orcs akin to the kind we were hurt by before with two warg riders between Ritsu and Khoda and the caravan. Khoda trips and is almost seen, but the warg rider almost sees him. The orcs just ride right past us without even noticing we were there. Khoda asks Ritsu if he should ask the orcs what they were doing and Ritsu responded with no, and the orcs heard but they didn't see us more than just hearing whispers. The blue flames from the alter spell are less lively now at like 50%.                

Beginning Travel in the Death Sands: Battle with the Purple Worm

75: See a camp with smoke from a campfire in the distance. Tents look like hobgoblin tents we have seen. Some scouts around then as they see us they come out into a semicircle formation. Contact is made, they seem on board if we give him food. Two soldiers to come with us. Ritsu and Hideo go and get the caravan to the village. Basir and Khoda stay behind and get close with some of the hobgoblins. Mani and Kazo join the group! High rise of purple worms (big ol mouths and stinger booties, animal smell attracts them) must travel quietly. Suggest that we travel at night. Short rest for the rest of the afternoon so we can begin travel at night time. Boosting morale with food with our group and the new hobgoblins!   82 (with good karma): Rocky terrain at night. Rocks coming up out of the ground. A few pockets of smelly gaps in the ground. Gas turning to crystals. My horse gets hurt ): by the rocks when I turn (3 damage to my horsey, poor pony). It takes an hour to turn the cart around. 2 hours of fucking up.   32: Half buried bodies in the shifting sands. Clear signs of battle of nomadic tribes everywhere. The stench of death a mile long. Vultures feed on the flesh and evil spirits feed on the souls. Whispers are on the wind, filled with negativity. Cross the whole battlefield with no issues.   19: Neverending sands. Smog covers everything. Short rest to heal horses and to get the vibes back up. Herbal tea heals us all emotionally.   89: Travel continues. Earth rumbles. Mountain of sand comes towards us. And initiative is rolled. Knocks over the carriage with Ham and Ling inside! Ritsu almost gets eaten but jumps out and attacks. Khoda attempts to get swallowed for a from the inside attack. One dragon guard gets swallowed by the purple worm. Khoda gets swallowed and finds the disintegrated dragon guard and many others bones. Khoda and Ritsu both are temporarily killed and revived. As Hideo and Basir killed the purple worm. The purple worm is looted earning 900 total gold for the whole group split into 225 per person. Bury the dead and make camp a bit from the battle.


To the Order of the Black Lotus, This morning I arrived at the Golden Palace to receive an overview of my upcoming mission. I met the team that I will be working with and we have had a day of travel together now. While we started our journey with beautiful scenery, we came upon some wretched birds that have petrified one of our company. We expect that he will return to fighting shape with time. After making a wrong turn, we stumbled into the center of a hobgoblin camp. Luckily we were able to escape with our lives and arrive at Peng Outpost where we are staying until tomorrow morning when we get our full training on the situation and become acquainted with the caravan. Will continue to send updates through the journey, Ritsu