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Kokusho of the Blind Eternities

Long has the Takeshi family served the influence of a legendary creature that goes by the name of Kokusho, a serpent-like gargantuan being from beyond the Plane of Dreams. Little is known from this family and their other-worldly patron, but for sure something macabre takes place as part of their tradition. Members of said family posses a symbiote, an ooze-like creature that attaches to a family member and serves as their companion. It is said that this symbiote serves Kokusho directly, and is the link between the followers and their patron. An emblem representing the legendary creature is painted on the back of the mantles worn by these family members, showing that rather than hiding their service to this being they are set to have it as part of their identity, yet they are secretive about it.

In Literature

A few books such as "The Planes of Existence" and "Beyond Eternity", regarding the secrets of the blind eternities have explored the beings that govern such plane. Little has been redacted on the specific beings in literature open to the public, but probably tomes of ritualistic and forbidden knowledge related to it are in possession of secret collectors.

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