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Milar Fauvrou (a.k.a. Drowner)

Milar Fauvrou was a highwayman who joined the organization Seraphim in an attempt to go straight. However, he became embedded in their increasing illegal activities and eventually split from the group to join Seraph Rae. While his original crimes were fueled by greed, he began using the money he made robbing merchant caravans as funding for a large farm of million flowers which are the central component in the production of the drug celestial  Born in 971, Milar's family traveled with a caravan of Vloibare people back and forth across the Yzel-Eoion border. Despite the law abiding nature of most of the people, Milar began his criminal acts very young, at age 12. His first run in with the law occurred when he attempted to steal a bag of coins from a merchant's stall. He was beaten by the soldiers who caught him then sent back to his parents.    Over the years, he became much more adept at stealing and gained a reputation as a skilled pickpocket and thief. He was proficient in liquid essence magic and used it to suffocate his victims, which became a calling card of his work. This technique led him to be known as Drowner.    In and out of prison between 14 and 29, he finally tried to go straight when he became a father. To make amends to the community, he joined Seraphim as a way to help the Vloibare people. However, he was pulled into the fight that eventually split the organization and joined Seraph Rae at its inception in 1013. This led to the loss of his work and a need to make money, which led him to turn toward crime once again.    This time, he decided to settle and for that, he needed money. His crimes became more and more brazen, with his calling card letting the world know that Drowner had returned. Several large caravans were robbed by him and others who had joined his work as assistants and apprentices from Seraph Rae.    Using the money he made from robberies, he was able to purchase a large area of land in western Eoion where he started a farm of million flowers. These were used by Seraph Rae in the production of celestial. As he grew more and more wealthy, he hired mercenaries to guard the grounds and protect shipments of the seeds and completed drugs to various areas of the continent.    Between 1020 and 1039, Milar concentrated his wealth, power, and control over million flower supply, leading him to becoming the largest drug lord ion the continent and Seraph Rae all but monopolizing the trade of celestial. However, the drug was still not a large part of the income of the gang. It was not until the rise of Ires Droor several decades later that this would be the case.     Yzelian military officers eventually caught up to Milar while he was in Kanooshar looking to buy ships to expand Seraph Rae's customer base into the island territories north of Eoion. After magical and physical fight that lasted for almost twelve hours and involved the taking of several hostages, Milar was hit by a bolt of heat magic that tore off his right leg.    After this, he was captured and brought to Leowit for trial. Before the trail could begin, however, Milar was assassinated in prison by a member of Seraph Rae to keep him from divulging secrets about the organization. His massive farm was put under the control of the then current godheit and the two cherin. It has remained under the purview of the three highest ranking members of Seraph Rae ever since.
971 1041 70 years old
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