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This letter was originally written by a soldier in the army of Yzel to his wife after the end of the Third Great War. The letter was intercepted by spies of Eoion and edited then circulated through both countries.


To inform a wife about the outcome of the third great war.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The letter was intercepted by spies from Eoion and circulated through both the empire and Yzel. It was shown to the empire in order to detail to the populace how thoroughly the enemy army had been beaten and to the defeated in order to demoralize the populace.

Historical Details


The Third Great War was the first time flying Ilyannoi had been used in military combat. They were extremely destructive and, while the Yzelian army had fought against Ilyannoi before, they had never seen anything like those creatures.   After the letter was intercepted, the Eoin goverment edited it slightly before it was circulated through the country, removing references to the madness of their ruling family line. These notes were left in the version that was passed through Yzel as an intimidation tactic.

Public Reaction

Eoins were proud of the victory of their country and reassured that the creatures controlled by the royals were defenders of the country.   Yzelians were demoralized by the loss and those in the southern area of the country were reminded of the threat that the Ilyannoi pose.
Record, Historical
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