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Redirected from lifespeech.   Mindspeech is a form of telepathic communication. The technique requires a wielder to manipulate electrical impulses from their brain and transmit those to a fellow sentient being to communicate mind-to-mind.   Wielders descended from changemagic, lifemagic, timemagic, and valemagic each have their own strains of telepathic communication which function in slightly different ways. As such, it is generally impossible for wielders of one strain of magic to send telepathic thoughts to those of a different strain, since they operate on different frequencies. The exception to this rule would be wielders of valemagic, who can make their thoughts heard to wielders of all natures. Tier Eleven wielders, also known as mages, are also sometimes able to make their thoughts heard to other mages of different magical descent.   Mindspeech is a blanket term for this sort of telepathic communication, but the term "lifespeech" was pioneered in the Eighth Age in a political gesture of good faith from the Allentrian government toward its wielding animal citizens. Giving the animals' language a specific term allowed the government to recognize it as an official language of Allentria.   All mortal animals are able to innately use this particular strain of telepathic communication, including humans; ironically, however, the ability is not innate in humans, and only Tier Nine wielders or higher can achieve it.

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