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King Wavewalker

King of the Galantasa Mertos Wavewalker

Mertos Wavewalker of House Ishira inherited the Coral Throne, the ruling seat of the Galantasa, when he was 23, following the death of his human mother, Queen Isla Waveseer. His father, a saltwater nereid from the northeastern reefs, was not involved in his upbringing past his birth.   Wavewalker was married to the daughter of a nobleman, Simenne Rainwould, when he was 24 and they had their first child together one year after that. The child, a boy named Narao, was taken by land fever when he was eight, and died one year later.   A year after that, another boy was born to the king and queen, Lotori Wavewould. Five years later they had their first daughter, Sebaris Wavewould, followed a year after that by another boy, Solko. It is tradition for males to inherit the throne in Galantrian culture, so to provide for his daughter, Mertos arranged for Sebaris's betrothal. She was to move to the Erastate and marry the prince, Maxton Windharte, when she came of age.   In his forties, Mertos Wavewalker was diagnosed with land sickness, which is a deadly illness for those with nereid ancestry who live out of water. His health began a slow but steady decline. He became even more protective of his children as a result, and even more concerned for their futures and wellbeing.   Shortly thereafter, Lotori and Solko were both also diagnosed with the illness, which dealt a crushing blow to House Ishira. Lotori passed away within months of his diagnosis. Solko, though still alive, is very weak, and the family knows he will never be able to inherit the Coral Throne. The throne's future now rests with Sebaris Wavewould, who is now the Eldest of House Ishira after Lotori's death, and who is poised to inherit rule of the Galantasa upon her father's passing.
Current Location
Year of Birth
552 A1 55 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born of a union between a nereid and a human
Current Residence
The Galantrian Palace

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