Sakura Fields

The Sakura Fields are a variety of groves around the Seireitei where sakura blossoms can be viewed during their blooming season. These fields are spread across the Seireitei and many of them are open to the public.   These fields and the trees in them are as old as the Seireitei and are considered ancient sites that are not to be disturbed. Many of the Noble Houses have built their homes amongst these fields, but the fields are to remain open to the public.  

Kuchiki Manor

The Kuchiki Manor is the ancestral home of the Kuchiki Clan and is known for the beautifully kept gardens and koi ponds that generations of the family have tended to. While the grove of sakura trees on the grounds is not the largest in the Seireitei, it is by far the most well kept due to the resemblance of the current head of the family, Byakuya Kuchiki’s, Zanpakutō.  

Ugendō Quarters

The smallest of the three sakura groves can be found at the Ugendō Quarters. Kept by the Ukitake family, this grove is not nearly as old as the others in the Seireitei, but was grown as a gift for Jūshirō Ukitake during his illness. Members of the 13th Division aid in the care of the grove and their Captain can often be found walking through the grove at twilight when he is in better health.  

Edges of the Seireitei

A large grove of sakura trees rests along the edges of the Seireitei, often bringing a sweet perfume to the air when the trees are in bloom. Many people from the Seireitei and the Rukongai spend time here during Hanami, bringing laughter and picnics to the area.   Even when the trees are not in bloom, this grove is a popular spot for Souls to rest and reflect upon their lives and their duties. Here, one can find Shinigami and Souls interacting while often being on a similar spiritual journey.
Alternative Name(s)
Cherry Blossom Fields
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Owning Organizations
Kuchiki Clan, Ukitake Family, Various Other Noble Houses


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I love when cherry trees are in bloom. So beautiful. I like that there are three distinct groves in Seireitei.

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