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Seiiki - The Dark Veil

1082 After the Veil

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Centuries ago this world was part of a large universe, populated by various species and creatures. Humanity, wielded mighty magic to reach for the stars. The gods of the universe fostered life in all its variations and connected civilations of multiple words with their spiritual energey. When these civilisation reached their peak, the universe darkened as evil began to spread, consume and ultimately destroy life.   To protect their home world, the gods created the Veil to shield the world, now kown as Seiiki - the Sanctuary.   Unbeknownst to them, not every god and spirit was untouched by evil and thus the Veil darkened, the gods split: Some became stranded in the vast void between the worlds to fight off corruption, others gave their lifes to fuel the Veil, while some remained beneath the Veil at the world of Seiiki. The Dark Veil caused an era of demise for humanity. An age of darkness shrouded the world. Long known science was lost, ancient magic and artifacts failed while wars raged and cataclymic events reformed the the world known.   The tales of the old world are all that remains from past greatness, while magic and gods nearly faded.   After centuries what was known is lost and the world is reborn. Most gods are forgotten, as they no longer hear the prayers of their believers. What remains is an era, where empires rise and fall, reigned by kings and queens with twisted gods, spirits and demons whispering into their ears to reach their goal: Tear down the Veil again to unite with their former power!   As magic begins to strengthen, fueld by he slow murmor of demons, it rips apart the Veil, piece by piece. Every shimmering star appearing in the vast and dark night sky is the sign of magic, breaking down the protection of the gods.

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