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High Council of the Black Citadel

Knowledge is power.

Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
Black Citadel, Black Council, High Chairs
Black Citadel
Controlled Territories

Tense non-agression pact

The relations between the Black Citadel and the temerian empire are tense. The strict laws for applying magic in the empire, and the general agenda of the empire to root out "evil magic" directly oppose the agenda of the Black Citadel to advance and restore the power of magic.   Since Emperor Temerian II a non-agression pact was put in place as the empire and the citadel came to a stand-off in multiple battles. As a result the empire imports arcane services, artifacts and knowledge, like educaton, from the citadel, while the citadel in return dispatched an emissary to Raveas in order to advance their own agenda.   It is obvious that this pact will only be kept, as long as the empire is not able to train their own sorcerers and academics. As soon as the Academy of Algeas has their curriculum set up and starts to educate on their own, it is expected that the Emperor will break the compact.

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